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Saudi Press Agency

Houthi Addicted to Mass Massacres against Armless Yemenis

Saudi Press Agency

Sunday 1438/6/27 - 2017/03/26

Aden, Jumada II 27, 1438, Mar 26, 2017, SPA -- The Yemeni National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) concluded that the Houthi militia and the ousted Saleh forces carried out mass massacres against unarmed civilians, in several Yemeni governorates, by indiscriminately shelling residential compounds and open markets with artillery, mortars and Katyusha rockets.

According to a recent report of the commission, these crimes constitute grave violation of international law in terms of Human Rights humanity and are not subject to statute of limitations and their perpetrators must be, severely punished.

In the report, the commission cited 11 incidents, in which the Houthi militia and the ousted forces of Saleh carried out mass massacres, including targeting of displaced persons from the Tawahi area; when the militia dropped mortars on a group of unarmed civilians, fleeing Al-Huthi's inferno, in small boats, leaving several scores of them, dead and injured.

According to the report, the commission's teams monitored killing of 10811 Yemeni civilians by mortar shells of Al-Houthi militia and the ousted forces of Saleh, including 679 women, 1002 children and 9160 men, in the past two years, where the majority of the dead were, in 2015, asserting that the militias of Al-Houthi and Saleh forces, deliberately targeted civilians.

-- SPA
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