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Air Forces of 6 NATO States Participating in Exercises in Bulgaria

Sputnik News

15:01 23.03.2017

The air forces of six NATO countries are carrying out various exercises aimed at the improvement of the tactical training of the military and transport aviation in Bulgaria, which will conclude on April 7, country's Defense Ministry said in a statement Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – According to the statement, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are participating in the exercises.

The flight exercises are expected to start on Monday and end on April 6, the statement continued, and will be followed by a ceremony to mark the completion of the training.

The exercise participants plan to conduct various maneuvers during this period, of which include flying at low and very low altitudes.

The alliance agreed to carry out the military exercises in Bulgaria in 2017 at the last year's NATO Summit in Warsaw.


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