Afghan Sangin District Center Repositioned as Taliban Advances - Pentagon

Sputnik News

17:54 23.03.2017(updated 18:17 23.03.2017)

The Afghan authorities have moved the Sangin district center in the southern province of Helmand about 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) south as the Taliban terror group (banned in Russia) has destroyed infrastructure in the area, US Department of Defense spokesperson Adam Stump told Sputnik on Thursday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The spokesperson added that the Afghan government, the Afghan National Defense and Security Force and the Afghan National Police remain in Sangin district.

"They repositioned the district center and ANP [Afghan National Police] headquarters just over two kilometers south because the enemy had destroyed so much of the infrastructure in and around the center over the last several months and made it difficult for the people to reach the district governance," Stump said.

"This move to a new district center has been planned for some time," Stump added.

The Taliban caused "excessive damage" to the bazaar area making it difficult to provide services, the Pentagon spokesperson continued.

Stump also said it has become impossible for the people in the area "to see the government leaders."

The US military assisted the Afghan authorities with relocating Sangin district center in the southern province of Helmand, US Department of Defense spokesperson added.

Earlier on Thursday, local media reported that the Taliban terrorist group, outlawed in Russia, took control of the Sangin district after driving out government forces.

"US forces assisted the repositioning with airlift to the new district center. All forces were moved there safely," Stump said.


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