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Presenter: Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India December 08, 2016

Remarks by Secretary Carter and Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi, India

PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): (inaudible) new (inaudible), and also specifically with the defense relations, as it comes to the (inaudible), and the entire credit for that goes to you. And I'm indeed very happy for that reason that I have this opportunity of meeting you again to personally thank you.

Excellency, I'm absolutely convinced, and I believe that the base that you have laid the foundations are so strong, and the way our relations have been developed in a very scientific way. I feel that there is so much that India and U.S. can do for each other, and also the world.

And I think this has been the central theme of (inaudible), that (inaudible) and this will be in fact it will help our nations progress and deepen in the times to come and this will be considered to be your biggest contribution in this.

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE ASH CARTER: Thank you, prime minister. And thank you for seeing me once again. It's great to see you. Thank you for your kind words.

And I am confident like you are that our progress in this partnership will continue because it is strategic destiny that the United States and India have the defining partnership of the 21st century. That is true because we share so many common values and also common threats.

I want to thank you for all of the creativity and effort you have made in this relationship. As you know, our defense technology is (inaudible) initiative, our (inaudible)....


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