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10 October 2016 Military News

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  • Clinton, Trump Clash In Fiery U.S. Presidential Debate RFE/RL 10 Oct 2016 -- U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump clashed in a fiery debate on October 9, with Trump vowing to "jail" the Democratic nominee if he is elected and Clinton assailing her rival's character and denouncing him as unfit for the White House.
  • Ethiopia blames foreign groups for violence Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- The Ethiopian government has accused elements based in other countries of stoking violence in Ethiopia.
  • UN experts call on Ethiopia to allow international panel to help probe violence against protesters UN News 10 Oct 2016 -- Urging Ethiopian authorities to end their violent crackdown on peaceful protests, which has reportedly led to the death of over 600 people since November 2015, two United Nations human rights experts today further called on the Government to allow an international commission of inquiry to investigate the protests and the violence used against peaceful demonstrators.
  • Ethiopia Blames Egypt for State of Emergency VOA 10 Oct 2016 -- The Ethiopian government is blaming regional rival Egypt for supporting rebels and forcing Addis Ababa into declaring a state of emergency Sunday.
  • North Korean Flood Victims Caught in Nuclear Standoff VOA 10 Oct 2016 -- Winter is coming in North Korea, where nearly 600,000 people are in need of urgent assistance due to recent severe flooding.
  • Belarus, Russia Reach Deal On Energy Prices, Debts RFE/RL 10 Oct 2016 -- Belarus and Russia have reached a deal resolving their differences on several natural gas and oil issues.
  • Russia, Belarus Settle Gas Dispute - Belarusian President Sputnik 10 Oct 2016 -- Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and Russia have resolved their oil and gas dispute.
  • Ukraine Detains Alleged Russian Spy RFE/RL 10 Oct 2016 -- Ukrainian authorities say a Ukrainian citizen with permanent residence in Russia has been detained in the northwestern city of Rivne.
  • Russia backs OPEC's oil freeze plan Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- Russia has expressed full support for a proposed plan to freeze oil production as a way to support oil prices.
  • Russian Whistle-Blower Pulls Back Cover On Railways Corruption RFE/RL 10 Oct 2016 -- When the head of Russia's state-owned railroad monopoly was abruptly dismissed last year, the announcement stopped many in and out of Russia in their tracks.
  • China to launch world's first X-ray pulsar navigation satellite People's Daily 10 Oct 2016 -- The China Academy of Space Technology has announced plans to launch the world's first X-ray pulsar navigation satellite (XPNAV-1) in November, Xinhua reported.
  • Taiwan says ready to discuss 'anything' with China Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- Taiwan's new president has called on China to recognize her government, saying the two sides need to resume talks as soon as possible amid tensions in their relations.
  • Russia, Turkey seal TurkStream deal Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- Turkey and Russia have signed an agreement for the construction of the planned TurkStream gas pipeline that would take Russia natural gas under Turkish waters in the Black Sea towards Europe.
  • Russia, Turkey Sign Gas Pipeline Deal RFE/RL 10 Oct 2016 -- Russia and Turkey have signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline from Russia, a project that was suspended amid tensions between the two countries.
  • Turkey Bans Large-scale Commemorations on 1st Anniversary of Suicide Attacks VOA 10 Oct 2016 -- Turkish police in Ankara used tear gas and water cannons Monday to prevent hundreds of activists from holding a protest to commemorate the first anniversary of an attack considered the worst in Turkey's modern history.
  • Nigeria detains judges, seizes assets in graft probe Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- Nigerian security forces have confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and assets from senior judges suspected of corruption, prompting criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari's strategy in tackling graft.
  • Lithuania ruling party loses first round of parliamentary vote Press TV 10 Oct 2016 -- Lithuania's ruling party of Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius has finished third in the first round of parliamentary elections, raising speculations for a possible change of government in the European Union member country.
  • UN appeals for $120 million to launch 'massive response' in storm-ravaged Haiti UN News 10 Oct 2016 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the launch of a near $120 million appeal to fund United Nations aid activities in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, where the rising death toll coupled with the start of the rainy season has prompted the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) to sound the alarm on the threat of waterborne diseases to children living in the worst-affected areas.
  • Duterte Statements Highlight Uncertain Philippine Policies VOA 10 Oct 2016 -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is no stranger to controversy, having called both the Pope and U.S. President Barack Obama "sons of whores." However it was when he championed his war on drugs and crime by likening it to Hitler and the Holocaust that he earned international condemnation.
  • How Long Will DRC Allow President Kabila to Remain in Office? VOA 10 Oct 2016 -- Tensions remain high as the scheduled presidential election date approaches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All sides agree that elections will not take place in November as planned, but the question remains: how long will the public allow President Joseph Kabila to remain in office without standing for reelection?

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