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19 May 2016 Military News

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  • US Designates Daesh Branches in Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia as Terrorists Sputnik 19 May 2016 -- The Unites States has designated branches of the Islamic State (IS, or Daesh) in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen as global terrorists and imposed sanctions on them, the US State Department announced in a release on Thursday.
  • Terrorist Designations of ISIL-Yemen, ISIL-Saudi Arabia, and ISIL-Libya US Dept. of State 19 May 2016-- The Department of State has announced the designation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL's) branch in Libya (ISIL-Libya) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
  • Turkey's ruling AKP nominates Yildirim as new premier Press TV 19 May 2016 -- Turkey's governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) has formally tapped Transport Minister Binali Yildirim as its sole candidate to be the party's new chairman and thereby automatically the next prime minister.
  • JCPOA serves as model for resolving regional conflicts: Iran official Press TV 19 May 2016 -- A senior Iranian diplomat says the nuclear agreement reached between Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries last July can set an example for the resolution of conflicts in the region.
  • US finalizing deal to buy Iran heavy water Press TV 19 May 2016 -- The US media have reported that the administration of President Barack Obama is moving to finalize a deal with Iran worth $8.6 million to buy heavy water from Iran.
  • Rodong Sinmun Rebukes U.S. Accusations against DPRK's Satellites KCNA 19 May 2016 -- False stories about the DPRK's satellites are floating in the U.S. A national defence expert of the U.S. said there are two satellites of north Korea flying past the air over the U.S. mainland. He noted these satellites have likelihood of de-orbiting its course to directly strike the U.S. or emitting powerful electromagnetic wave capable of disrupting the state power grid when they blow up themselves in the air. The U.S. moves to cope with this are at a snail's pace, he added.
  • China Official Leaves Hong Kong With Assurances of Autonomy VOA 19 May 2016 -- China's senior official in charge of Hong Kong affairs has ended his three-day visit to the former British colony with carefully timed assurances that Beijing will not seek to "mainlandize" the semi-autonomous territory or violate the one-country, two-systems formula that underpins the city's unique freedoms not found elsewhere in the country.
  • Iraq's Sadr loyalists withdraw from Baghdad neighborhoods Press TV 19 May 2016 -- Fighters loyal to prominent Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr have withdrawn from several neighborhoods across Baghdad where they were deployed following a spate of deadly bombings.
  • The Monster Under The Kremlin RFE/RL 19 May 2016 -- If Boris Yeltsin's Russia often resembled a mafia masquerading as a country, it was a mafia run by a weak, feeble, and frequently inebriated godfather. This, of course, was a recipe for chaos, as it gave Yeltsin's capos and underbosses a lot of leeway, which they used with impunity. Putin, in contrast, sent a clear and early message to the underworld: the state is the biggest gang in town and all others are subordinate to it.
  • Russia to Carry Out Four Commercial Launches From Vostochny Cosmodrome Sputnik 19 May 2016 -- Russia will conduct four commercial launches from the Vostochny space center in Russia's Far East in 2018, the director of Roscosmos state corporation's representative office at Vostochny said Thursday.
  • U.S. asks Taiwan, China to show flexibility CNA 19 May 2016 -- Amid the upcoming power transition in Taiwan, the U.S. government has expressed hope that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will continue to show flexibility in the maintenance of peace and stability.
  • No reduction in Chinese military threat to Taiwan: deputy minister CNA 19 May 2016 -- China has not reduced its military threat to Taiwan, as evidenced by its continued deployment of missiles aimed at the island and ongoing training of military personnel, Hsu Pei-shan (許培山), deputy minister of National Defense, said Thursday.
  • DRC Seeks Arrest of Presidential Challenger VOA 19 May 2016 -- The Democratic Republic of Congo's government has issued an arrest warrant for Moise Katumbi, an opposition leader planning a possible election challenge to President Joseph Kabila.
  • DR Congo president's rival charged with hiring mercenaries Press TV 19 May 2016 -- The Democratic Republic of Congo's opposition leader and potential presidential candidate, Moise Katumbi, has been charged with hiring foreign mercenaries, a government spokesman says.

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