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Egypt Could Buy Russian Ka-52K Attack Helicopters for Mistral Warships

Sputnik News

10:44 29.03.2016(updated 12:27 29.03.2016)

Russia is discussing the delivery of Ka-52K helicopters for the Mistral warships, the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said.

SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – Russia is in talks with Egypt on the delivery of Ka-52K attack helicopters for the Mistral warships:

"The negotiations on the issue with the Egyptians are underway, we look forward to the positive outcome. In particular, we are talking about 'Ka' deck helicopters and other equipment," Anatoly Punchuk told RIA Novosti in an interview on the sidelines of an arms exhibition in Chile.

Paris and Cairo signed a contract in October 2015, paving way for Egypt to purchase two Mistral-class helicopter carriers originally built for Russia. The agreement was reached after Paris officially terminated the $1.3 billion deal with Moscow.

The Mistral-class carriers were built for Russia in France, but France later reneged on the deal and decided to sell the ships to Egypt. The ships are designed to carry 16 Ka-27/29 Helix anti submarine/assault and Ka-52 Hokum B strike helicopters.


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