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25 November 2015 Military News

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  • Obama: Security Professionals Working to Keep U.S. Safe AFPS 25 Nov 2015 -- As Americans begin Thanksgiving travel, President Barack Obama wants them to know U.S. counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals at every level continually monitor threats at home and abroad for their safety.
  • Obama: 'No Specific and Credible' Threat to US VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- In the wake of attacks claimed by the Islamic State militant group in Paris, Beirut, and Tunis, U.S. President Barack Obama is reassuring Americans on the threat of terrorism over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  • Brussels Schools, Metro Reopen Under Heavy Guard VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- With armed police officers standing guard, schools and about half of the Brussels metro system reopened Wednesday, four days after the Belgian capital was locked down in the wake of the Paris terror attacks earlier this month.
  • Africa's Sahel region can become hotbed for terrorist recruitment, UN official warns UN News 25 Nov 2015 -- Without international aid to improve education and jobs, the Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa will become fertile ground for recruiting terrorists among its tens of millions of disadvantaged people, the top United Nations official for the region warned the Security Council today.
  • UN Envoy Warns of Risk of Youth Radicalization in Sahel VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- The United Nations special envoy for the Sahel warned Wednesday that drug traffickers are increasingly working with terrorist groups in this expansive region across northern Africa.
  • IS Presence Shows Signs of Expanding in Bangladesh VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- Bangladesh's home minister says two Islamic State militants connected with the killing of a Japanese agricultural scientist near Dhaka have fled and crossed into India.
  • Georgian IS Fighters Threaten Homeland in Chilling Video VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- Georgian authorities are investigating a video allegedly produced by the Islamic State showing Georgian-speaking men in Syria issuing threats against their homeland.
  • Somali Officials Warn of Attacks by al-Shabab Faction VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- Somali authorities in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland have warned of potential attacks by an al-Shabab splinter faction that recently announced allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) group.
  • Taiwan steps up security after Paris terrorist attacks CNA 25 Nov 2015 -- Minister of the Interior Chen Wei-zen (陳威仁) said Wednesday that the government has tightened its border controls and stepped up intelligence-sharing in the wake of the recent Paris terrorist attacks that killed nearly 130 people.
  • Defense ministry aware of ISIS video showing Taiwan's flag (update) CNA 25 Nov 2015 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said Wednesday it will continue to monitor global conditions and respond cautiously after a Republic of China flag showed up in a newly released video by the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL.
  • Mirror Images: Are Putin And Erdogan Too Much Alike To Compromise? RFE/RL 25 Nov 2015
  • New govt. after presidential system: Turkish PM Press TV 25 Nov 2015 -- Turkey's prime minister says his government plans to adopt a new constitution, emphasizing that the newly established administration is in favor of a presidential system.
  • Chinese Investment in Africa Falls by 40% VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- China's Commerce Ministry recently caused a stir when it publicly admitted that Chinese investments to Africa had fallen by 40 percent in the first half of this year. Some saw the sharp decline as a sign of the broader impact of China's slowing economy. Others, however, say it is more related to Beijing's changing approach to investments overseas.
  • China Plans for Mainland Police in HK Rail Station Spark Controversy VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- A new high-speed rail line that will link mainland China and Hong Kong is drawing criticism over Beijing's plans to place mainland Chinese police officers in the Hong Kong train station.
  • Iran, IAEA hold constructive talks on JCPOA implementation: Araqchi ISNA 25 Nov 2015 -- An Iranian nuclear negotiator said he held "constructive and good" talks with the UN nuclear agency chief Yukiya Amano on how to implement a nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six world powers in July.
  • Russia's Gazprom halts gas delivery to Ukraine Press TV 25 Nov 2015 -- Russia's state-owned gas giant, Gazprom, has announced halting natural gas supply to Ukraine after Kiev failed to make upfront payments for more supplies.
  • Russian Gas Supplies To Ukraine Halted RFE/RL 25 Nov 2015 -- Russia's state-controlled natural-gas giant Gazprom has stopped deliveries of gas to Ukraine because of Kyiv's alleged failure to make the required prepayments.
  • Crimeans Putting On Brave Faces, But Frustration Mounting Over Blackout RFE/RL 25 Nov 2015 -- As Russian authorities in Crimea scramble to restore power after a massive blackout over the weekend, residents are learning to live with thawing fridges, pitch-dark highways, and shuttered schools.
  • Turkish-Russian Tensions Put Central Asia In A Tough Spot RFE/RL 25 Nov 2015 -- Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane on November 24 has put most of the Central Asian states in an extremely awkward position. No one in Central Asia wants trouble with Russia, the former colonial master, but at the same time the Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, and Uzbeks are Turkic peoples and in the nearly 25 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ankara has played on cultural and linguistic affinities to successfully develop relations with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
  • US Vows to Expand Sanctions on Burundi Officials 'As Needed' VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- The U.S. government has begun putting sanctions on Burundian officials who are involved in stoking the ongoing political and security crisis in that country that has forced over 200,000 refugees to flee.
  • Burundi: UN rights chief deplores suspension of human rights groups, warns of 'civil war' UN News 25 Nov 2015 -- The top United Nations human rights official today deplored the Burundian authorities' suspension of 10 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including several working on peace and human rights issues, warning against a relapse into "full-fledged civil war."
  • Guinea's President Calls for New Security Measures VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- The terrorist attack that killed 21 people Friday at a hotel in Mali's capital has heightened security concerns in neighboring West African countries such as Guinea, where President Alpha Conde says he intends to roll out a host of new security measures.
  • Some Experts Wary of Eritrean Currency Redemption Plan VOA 25 Nov 2015 -- The Bank of Eritrea recently announced that all Nakfa notes in circulation must be exchanged for new government-issued notes.

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