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Palestine no longer committed to Oslo accords: Abbas

Iran Press TV

Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:26PM

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinian Authority (PA) cannot abide by the Oslo agreements with Israel any longer due to the Tel Aviv regime's continued illegal settlement activities in the occupied territories.

Abbas made the remarks in an address to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York in Wednesday.

'We declare that as long as Israel refuses to commit to the agreements signed with us ... [they] leave us no choice but to insist that we will not remain the only ones committed to the implementation of these agreements, while Israel continuously violates them,' he said.

'We therefore declare that we cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and that Israel must assume all of its responsibilities as an occupying power, because the status quo cannot continue," he added.

The Oslo Accords are a set of agreements signed between the Israeli regime and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1993 and 1995. The pacts marked the start of the Oslo process aimed at resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and fulfilling the right of the Palestinians to self-determination.

'Palestine deserves full UN membership'

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Palestinian president emphasized that Palestine deserves full membership and recognition as a state at the UN.

'Palestine, which is an observer state in the United Nations, deserves full recognition and full membership,' he said.

Abbas delivered his speech ahead of a ceremony to raise the Palestinian flag at UN for the first time.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, including East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the besieged Gaza Strip, and are demanding that Israel withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories. Israel, however, has refused to return to the 1967 borders and is unwilling to discuss the issue of al-Quds.

On November 29, 2012, the General Assembly voted to upgrade Palestine's status at the UN from "non-member observer entity" to "non-member observer state" despite strong opposition from Israel and the United States.

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