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Danish Fighters Intercept Russian Bombers Over Baltic in 'Normal Procedure'

Sputnik News

12:50 13.09.2015(updated 13:03 13.09.2015)

Denmark's Ministry of Defense has warned not to overdramatize a recent interception by Danish fighters of two Russian bombers flying near the country's airspace over the Baltic Sea.

A recent interception of two Russian bombers by Danish fighters is nothing to write home about, according to the Danish Defense Ministry.

Earlier this week, two Danish fighter jets were reportedly scrambled to intercept two Russian Tupolev TU-22M bombers flying near the country's airspace over the Baltic Sea.

Military spokesman Major Erik Boettger said on Saturday that the interception was a 'normal procedure when foreign aircraft approach Danish airspace.'

He pointed out that the bombers never entered Danish territorial airspace, and that Thursday's incident involving Danish F-16s was in 'no way dramatic.'

NATO, in turn, has repeatedly reported an 'unusual' increase in Russian military aircraft conducting maneuvers over European airspace in the past few years.

According to the alliance, the warplanes include Tu-22M, Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers.

The Tu-22M is a long-range, variable-sweep wing bomber developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau.

Despite the fact that the plane made its maiden flight back in August 1969, a modernized version of this bomber remains in service with the Russian Air Force; as of 2014 more than 100 Tu-22Ms were still in use.


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