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08 July 2015 Military News

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  • Saudi Arabia Casts Wary Eye on Iran Deal VOA 08 Jul 2015 -- As Iran and world powers move toward a possible nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia faces drastic geopolitical shifts. Analysts say lifting sanctions on Iran could greatly increase competition for oil sales, as well as create other far-reaching consequences for the kingdom.
  • Iran Nuclear Talks Get Heated As Clock On Deal Runs Down RFE/RL 08 Jul 2015 -- Negotiations between Iran and major world powers became testy as Iran at the last minute raised the issue of eliminating broad United Nations sanctions over its conventional arms and missile programs, diplomats said.
  • Iran Says Offering 'Constructive Solutions' In Nuclear Talks RFE/RL 08 Jul 2015 -- A senior Iranian diplomat said on July 8 that Iran has presented 'constructive solutions' to resolve disputes in its nuclear talks with six major powers.
  • US, Iranian Nuclear Negotiators Meet in Vienna VOA 08 Jul 2015 -- Top U.S. and Iranian negotiators met for at least three hours Wednesday in Vienna to try to iron out differences in a nuclear agreement, one day after world powers extended yet another deadline to reach a final deal.
  • Araqchi: Text of Iran-P5+1 agreement almost complete IRNA 08 Jul 2015 -- Deputy Foreign Minister Abbass Araqchi has said the text of final agreement between Iran and the world six major powers is almost complete.
  • With fast action to rescue staple crops 'we can save lives' in DPR Korea,' UNICEF says UN News 08 Jul 2015 -- Children are already suffering as a result of drought in some parts of the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK), where deaths of young children attributed to diarrhoea have increased seriously in the first six months of 2015 in the drought-affected provinces, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
  • Psyops, Mind Games, And Madmen RFE/RL 08 Jul 2015 -- His proposal was slapped down by the Kremlin, dismissed by the Foreign Ministry, and ridiculed by prosecutors. But Yevgeny Fyodorov persisted nevertheless. Just hours after the Prosecutor-General's Office said that Fyodorov's appeal for an investigation into the legality of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania's independence 'had no legal prospects' and was 'devoid of common sense,' he was on television insisting he was right.
  • Russian Lawmakers Target U.S. Groups Under 'Undesirables' Law RFE/RL 08 Jul 2015 -- Russian authorities have taken a step toward banning 12 foreign organizations, including several prominent U.S.-based democracy-promotion groups, under a new law meant to rid the country of 'undesirable' outfits deemed a threat to its security.
  • 'Morpho' Hacking Group Presents Major Corporate Security Threat VOA 08 Jul 2015 -- A previously unknown group of highly-trained hackers presents a major new digital security risk for corporations, according to a report released today by the web security firm Symantec.
  • Ebola cases evade detection due to ongoing lack of trust in communities – UN UN News 08 Jul 2015 -- The origin of the new cluster of Ebola cases is "not yet well understood," the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said today about the outbreak in West Africa where a residual lack of trust in the response means that some cases still evade detection for too long, increasing the risk of further transmission.
  • Tunisia to Build Moat, Wall of Sand Against Terror VOA 08 Jul 2015 -- Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid says his country is starting to build a wall of sand along the border with neighboring Libya, along with a moat, to stop terrorists from infiltrating Tunisian territory. The Tunisian government has been taking preventive measures to try to stop a repeat of the terror attack which left 38 people dead – most of them foreign tourists – on June 26.
  • Czech Parliament Expands Intelligence Service Powers Sputnik 08 Jul 2015 -- The Czech parliament has adopted amendments to a law on intelligence services that significantly expands their powers, head of the parliament press service Roman Zamboch said Wednesday.
  • Buhari Vows Recovery of Looted Nigerian Funds VOA 08 Jul 2015 -- For years, Nigerian presidential administrations have pledged to get money back from their predecessors. Former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration, for instance, secured a deal to recover money from late dictator Sani Abacha.

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