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People's Daily Online

U.S. unwise to set up enemies through military drills

People's Daily Online

(People's Daily Online) 14:55, May 29, 2015

Recently the U.S. has conducted an intensive series of exercises with various countries that have attracted the world's attention and triggered discussion about the real intention behind its high-profile actions. Some experts believe U.S. attempts to involve China and Russia in military competition and that may backfire, as it finds itself trapped in a vicious circle of military expansion.

On May 26, NATO launched this year's largest military drill in North Europe, involving 4,000 troops and 100 aircraft . A month from now the U.S. and Australia will start another drill with 27,000 troops participating. Japan will also dispatch 40 officers and soldiers to take part.

Other large-scale drills have also been conducted in recent months that have attracted international attention. On May 4, Estonia conducted the largest drill in the history of the country. Coincidentally, several other countries also participated in different military exercises of various scales in the same month, including Lithuania, Georgia, Pakistan, Jordan and France.

Observing these historical military drills, we can find two major characteristics. First, most of the drills are led by the U.S. Second, the military exercises cover a wide area from the Caribbean Sea to North Africa, Caucasus, Middle Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Korean Peninsula, which coincide with the "unstable arc" proposed by the US military. So what is the US purpose behind such an extensive series of exercises?

Analysts believe that the U.S. is showing its military force and hegemonic position in the world by these irrational drills.

Having first ensnared itself in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, and then struggled with an inadequate economic recovery, only by these drills can the U.S. maintain its already shaky hegemony.

The drills also help the U.S. to tighten its ties with its allies and threaten its potential enemies.

Experts think that the also encouraging India and Japan to join hands with countries in the South China Sea to encircle China. Its drill with the Philippines in April is a clear demonstration of the strategy of constricting China, though it was claimedthat it had nothing to do with China.

Analysts believe that it is unwise of the U.S. to set up China and Russia as two major enemies and enhance its sense of presence by military drills

In response to the US-led exercises, China and Russia conducted a joint drill in the Mediterranean Sea on May 17, sending out a signal that the two countries will make a joint effort to respond to the U.S.

Analysts think the U.S. attempt to involve China and Russia in military competition may backfire, as it finds itself trapped in a vicious circle of military expansion, with military expenditure of more than 700 billion US dollars which accounts for 50 percent of the world total, imposes a heavy burden on the US, and adds to the debt crisis.

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