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Lithuania Awaits Territorial Claims From Moscow, Prepares for War

Sputnik News

21:12 25.03.2015(updated 21:19 25.03.2015)

Vilnius has serious fears of a 'Russian invasion' and is preparing for war, the Austrian newspaper "Kurier" reported. Lithuanian schools are distributing brochures with instructions on how to behave in the event of a bombing.

Lithuania is gravely worried about the possibility of a 'Russian invasion', and fears that Moscow may claim certain territories to establish a 'corridor', linking Russia with its Kaliningrad region, according to the Austrian newspaper "Kurier".

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite once again made a critical statement about the Kremlin's foreign policy and demanded harsher sanctions against Russia, saying that all negotiations with an 'aggressor country' are meaningless.

Lithuanian authorities fear that Russia could make certain territorial claims to create a "corridor" to its Kaliningrad exclave, Lithuanian expert Marius Laurinavicius explained.

Grybauskaite also stated that it would take NATO troops three days to arrive and counter any possible Russian aggression in the region. For these three days Lithuania would have to defend itself, the Lithuanian President claimed, arguing that the more soldiers that are deployed, the less likely Russia would want to attack the country.

Lithuanian schools went so far that they started distributing brochures with instructions on how to behave in the event of a bombing, and organizing classes on defense, according to the newspaper.

Grybauskaite called Russia a "terror state" and demanded an increased presence of NATO troops. She also openly insisted that NATO start arms sales to Ukraine.


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