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Ukraine Signs Agreement to Create Military Brigade With Poland, Lithuania

Sputnik News

16:59 20.02.2015(updated 17:03 20.02.2015)

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania are set to create a joint military brigade to conduct military operations around Europe.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed the law to ratify an agreement between Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania to create a joint military unit, the so-called Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade, Poroshenko's official website reports.

'The brigade is created for the purpose of participation in international operations carried out on the basis of the UN Security Council mandate and authorized bodies of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. The agreement is open for other countries to join based on the invitation from members of the brigade," the document says.

The idea to create the international brigade goes back to 2009, when defense ministers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine came up with a document outlining the need to create a joint military unit. Last September, the three countries signed an agreement to establish the LITPOLUKRBRIG, the military brigade that would be used in international military operations around Europe to maintain peace and strengthen military cooperation in the region.

Ukraine is expected to provide the joint brigade with 545 soldiers, as stated by Deputy Defense Minister Petro Mekhed. Poland and Lithuania will send 3500 and 350 soldiers, respectively. The brigade's headquarters will be located in Lublin, Poland.


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