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Iran Press TV

Taliban ups attacks in Afghanistan amid peace efforts

Iran Press TV

Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:59PM GMT

Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, and some other major cities have become the scene of increasing attacks by the Taliban amid the government's efforts to reach a peace deal with the militants, Press TV reports.

A fortress-like "ring of steel" protects Kabul as police and soldiers man roadblocks and spot-check cars.

Streets around main buildings in the city, such as the parliament, the ministries and the presidential palace are also blocked off, while others are guarded by razor wire and concrete blast walls.

However, over the past several weeks, the militants have assaulted two foreign compounds in the Afghan capital, carried out a bomb attack near the office of the city's police chief, sent assailants to attack international military bases and convoys, and targeted the car of a renowned female lawmaker.

"We are deeply worried about growing unrest in our country because it is mostly civilians who are killed and wounded in large numbers in Taliban bombings," a political commentator, Faramarz Sangl, told Press TV.

The attacks come as the administration of President Ashraf Ghani is striving to broker a peace deal with the Taliban.

"The national unity government of Afghanistan is planning to have peace negotiations with the Taliban, so the Taliban in recent days have stepped up their bombings here to get their demands done during the talks," the commentator added.

Afghanistan's peace talks with the Taliban failed last year after the militants said they would not hold direct talks with the government in Kabul.

The 2001 invasion of Afghanistan by the United States and its allies removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity remains across the country. The invasion was part of the so-called war on terror.


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