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American Forces Press Service

U.S. Continues Strikes on ISIL, Drops Supplies to Iraqi Troops

From a U.S. Central Command News Release

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 11, 2014 – U.S. forces continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Iraq and Syria yesterday and today and conducted several airdrops of supplies for Iraqi security forces at the request of the Iraqi government, U.S. Central Command officials reported.

In Syria, four airstrikes north of Kobani struck an ISIL fighting position, damaged an ISIL command and control facility, destroyed an ISIL staging building and struck two small ISIL units. Two airstrikes south of Kobani destroyed three ISIL trucks. U.S. bombers and fighters deployed to the Centcom area of operations conducted the strikes, officials said.

In Iraq, an airstrike north of Tal Afar struck a small ISIL unit and destroyed an ISIL armed vehicle. Two airstrikes northwest of Hit struck two small ISIL units. These strikes, in which the Netherlands also participated, employed attack and fighter aircraft deployed to the Centcom area of operations.

All aircraft exited the strike areas safely, officials added.

At the Iraqi government's request, U.S. aircraft from several air bases in the Centcom area of operations airdropped 36 container delivery system bundles containing 7,328 halal meals, 2,065 gallons of water and 16,000 pounds of ammunition to Iraqi security forces near Bayji, officials said, and left the airdrop zone safely.

The airdrops were intended to support the Iraqi forces, which continues to control Bayji, Centcom officials said, noting that areas outside the city remain contested, as ISIL continues to conduct operations in the area.

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