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Iran Press TV

US conducting military drills with China, Australia

Iran Press TV

Tue Oct 7, 2014 2:16PM GMT

The United States, China, and Australia are conducting military exercises in the Asia-Pacific region amid escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

The drills, known as KOWARI 14, conclude in Darwin on October 25.

Australia's Department of Defense said that five soldiers from the US Marine Corps, 10 soldiers from China's People's Liberation Army and 10 from the Australian Army are participating in the survival training exercise.

"Exercise KOWARI 14 will provide participants with an understanding of the basic principles, procedures, techniques and equipment that can enhance survival prospects in the harsh Australian environment," Australian Defense Minister David Johnston was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

"The exercise demonstrates the willingness of Australia, China and the United States to work together in practical ways," he added.

US Defense Department spokesman Lt. Col. Jeff Pool said the exercise is good for American national security.

"We believe that training with any nation helps," Warren said. "All of the parties who are being trained work better together … It helps increase understanding."

The maneuvers come as tensions between the United States and China escalated after Beijing announced an air defense zone over the East China Sea.

The Chinese government has repeatedly voiced concern over Washington's plans for boosting its military strength in Asia.

China says American militarism in the region could endanger peace. It also urged the US to abstain from flexing its muscles.

China is considering the Pentagon's focus on the "pivot" to the Asia-Pacific as a strategy to counter China's increasing global influence.


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