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06 July 2014 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Afghan Presidential Election Deadlock Continues VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- The election deadlock in Afghanistan continues, despite last minute U.S. attempts to arrange a deal between rival presidential candidates. Partial results from the June 14 runoff vote are due Monday.

Defense Policy / Programs

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Other Conflicts

  • US Has $10M Bounty on ISIL Leader It Previously Held VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- For nearly three years the United States has had a $10 million bounty on the man who has emerged as the leader of Islamic insurgents, even though American authorities had him in custody during the U.S. war in Iraq.
  • Iraq Analyzing Alleged Video Of ISIL Leader RFE/RL 06 Jul 2014 -- Iraqi officials say they are analyzing the authenticity of a video purportedly showing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic militants who control territory in Syria and Iraq, giving a sermon in Iraq.
  • Iranian Pilot Killed in Iraq Defending Shrine VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- An Iranian pilot was killed defending Shi'ite Muslim holy sites in neighboring Iraq, Iran's state news agency said, in the first official report of an Iranian death related to an upsurge in violence there since June.
  • Syria: Besieged Palestinians in refugee camp 'will likely go hungry,' UN agency warns UN News Centre 06 Jul 2014 -- Unable for more than a month now to deliver food and other supplies to Palestinians trapped in a refugee camp near Damascus, the United Nations agency tasked with ensuring their well-being said today it is urgently seeking to resume its humanitarian activities, warning that the civilians would likely go hungry.
  • ISIL drives thousands of Syrian civilians out of homes Iran Press TV 06 Jul 2014 -- ISIL Takfiri terrorists have reportedly forced thousands of residents in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zour to leave their homes.
  • Syrian army plans new operaion in Aleppo VoR 06 Jul 2014 -- The opposition Syrian National Coalition said Sunday that regime forces are preparing to launch a major operation on rebel-held areas of the northern city of Aleppo. The group's leadership, meanwhile, was meeting in Istanbul to elect a successor to SNC chief Ahmad Jarba.
  • Ukraine forces retake 4 cities in 24 hrs Iran Press TV 06 Jul 2014 -- Pro-Russian militias have lost four cities in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region to Ukrainian forces in the space of 24 hours.
  • Separatists Rally In Donetsk As Ukrainian Military Presses On RFE/RL 06 Jul 2014 -- A few thousand people have rallied in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in support of pro-Russian separatists forced there by the advancing Ukrainian Army.
  • Ukraine Presses Forward after Capture of Rebel Stronghold VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered military forces Sunday to 'tighten the ring around the terrorists,' a day after the country's troops recaptured Slovyansk from pro-Russian separatists.
  • Civilians killed, wounded as Kiev continues onslaught in eastern Ukraine VoR 06 Jul 2014 -- More and more civilians in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine end up killed or wounded as Ukrainian military continues to indiscriminately shell cities during the course of the so called 'anti-terrorist operation' declared by Kiev. A woman and a girl have been wounded on Saturday when the retreating militia fighters and their families were shelled as they were leaving Slavyansk.
  • Kiev spy aircraft comes under fire near Lugansk airport VoR 06 Jul 2014 -- Representatives of the Lugansk People's Republic, armed with portable automatic weapons, have attacked a Ukrainian Army aircraft which was conducting area surveillance near the Lugansk airport on Sunday.
  • Column of armored vehicles carrying self-defense forces arrives in Donetsk VoR 05 Jul 2014 -- A column of armored vehicles carrying self-defense fighters entered Donetsk on Saturday, a RIA Novosti news agency correspondent reports. Earlier reports said that a column of self-defense fighters had managed to fight their way out of Slavyansk, surrounded by Ukrainian troops, to neighboring Kramatorsk. Some media claimed, citing representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic, that Ukrainian troops had gained control of Slavyansk, but later Ukrainian sources acknowledged that fighting in Slavyansk was still going on.
  • Russian border comes under shelling from Ukraine again - Federal Security Service VoR 05 Jul 2014 -- The Russian border checkpoint 'Donetsk' is being shelled from Ukrainian territory, Vasily Malayev, a spokesman for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) border department for the Rostov region, told Interfax. 'The Russian border checkpoint is being shelled now. A lot of people who were at the checkpoint when gun-fire bagan have been evacuated,' Malayev said.
  • Yemeni air force bombs Houthi positions in north Yemen Iran Press TV 06 Jul 2014 -- Yemeni air force fighter jets have bombed Shia Houthi positions north of the impoverished Arab country in fighting that claimed the lives of tens of people, local officials say.
  • Gunmen Kill at Least 22 in Attacks Near Kenya Coast VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- Officials in Kenya said at least 22 people have been killed in two attacks overnight near to the same area where 60 people were killed in a terrorist assault last month.
  • 6 Jewish Suspects Held in Palestinian Teen's Death VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- Israeli police have arrested six Jewish suspects in the kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager who was burned to death.

News Reports

  • Germany Seeks Quick US Reply on Suspected Spy Case VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- The German government wants a quick and clear explanation from Washington for U.S. intelligence's apparent contact with a German man arrested last week on suspicion of being a double agent, the Interior Minister said in a newspaper interview.
  • Ordinary Americans Outnumber Foreigners in NSA Spy Sweep VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- A report in a major U.S. newspaper said when the National Security Agency intercepted the online accounts of legally targeted foreigners over a four-year period, the agency also collected the conversations of nine times as many ordinary Internet users, both Americans and non-Americans.
  • Merkel dismayed, disappointed at spy scandal between Germany and US VoR 06 Jul 2014 -- The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, currently visiting China, looks 'dismayed and disappointed' in the wake of the latest spy scandal to break out in Germany earlier this week, the Spiegel Online newspaper reports, quoting a source within the German delegation in China.
  • Moscow To Kyiv, Tbilisi, And Chisinau: EU Deals Will Cost You RFE/RL 06 Jul 2014 -- Russia has never hidden how it feels about neighbors forging closer ties with the European Union.
  • Pakistan's Anti-Terror Law Angers Rights Groups VOA 04 Jul 2014 -- International and local human rights groups are demanding Pakistan discard its new anti-terrorism law, condemning it as "a blatant attack" on fundamental rights of the people. But the government is defending the legislation as necesary to tackle "the menace of terrorism" that has plagued Pakistan for years.
  • US introduces new security measure to detect 'undetectable bombs' Iran Press TV 06 Jul 2014 -- The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has introduced new enhanced security measures at overseas airports with direct flights to the United States.
  • US Lawmakers to Weigh in on Border Enforcement, Immigration VOA 06 Jul 2014 -- U.S. lawmakers will weigh in on border enforcement and immigration reform when they return to work this week after an Independence Day recess. A stream of undocumented minors arriving on America's southern border, along with President Barack Obama's pledge to alter immigration enforcement through executive order, have sparked a firestorm on Capitol Hill.

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