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NATO's expansion eastward is counterproductive - FM Lavrov

10 June 2014, 01:44 -- 'There are the same criteria in the military-political sphere as in economy or humanitarian sphere: the need to meet the commitments one has undertaken. All Euro-Atlantic states have an obligation to ensure indivisible security in the region and an OSCE commitment not to ensure the security of one state at the expense of other countries,' Lavrov said on Monday after meeting Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has described as counterproductive NATO's artificial attempts to expand eastward and move its military infrastructure closer to Russian borders.

'This is the general framework for building relations among countries of the Euro-Atlantic region. The talk is not about distancing from NATO or getting closer to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). On the contrary, it is important to fulfill the basic obligation of not strengthening one's own security at the expense of others,' the Russian foreign minister stressed.

'For example, all CSTO countries have very intensive cooperation programs with NATO. But non-membership of NATO has never been an obstacle to effective cooperation in the struggle against common threats. Considering all these factors, an artificial attempt to expand NATO to the East and advance NATO's military infrastructure closer to Russian borders are counterproductive. They contradict the commitments undertaken by the NATO states,' the Russian foreign minister said.

'All problems can be solved in the context of indivisible security without artificially strengthening and advancing military infrastructure to the East,' Lavrov said in conclusion, TASS reports.

Source: NATOs-expansion-eastward-is-counterproductive-FM-Lavrov-3661/

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