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Abkhazia's interim PM sets task to quietly prepare for early presidential elections

2 June 2014, 19:51 -- Abkhazia's acting Prime Minister Vladimir Delba said that the government's first-priority tasks are those of consolidating society, implementing a budget and preparing quietly for the early presidential elections. 'In my opinion, in the current complicated setting, the prime minister must continue fulfilling all the plans started and take all measures, mapped out during our work,' Delba told reporters on Monday.

'The government's first-priority task will be that of performing its duties, implementing the budget properly, strengthening the country's financial situation and preparing quietly for the early elections,' he said. He said that despite the current complicated situation, the schedule of wage payouts to employees of state-run organizations, as well as pensions, will be observed.

He denied claims that Abkhazia's treasury is empty. 'Luckily, the treasury is not empty. A large amount of cash has been provided to pay out wages,' said Delba, who is also Abkhazia's finance minister.

Russia ready to work with new Abkhaz authorities - Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia will treat the early presidential elections in Abkhazia scheduled for August with respect and will be ready to work with the new authorities, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. 'The Abkhaz people will vote during the early presidential elections in August. Russia will treat this declaration of will with respect. We will be ready to continue the large-scale work on developing and enhancing Russian-Abkhaz relations, which has been carried out successfully over recent years, with any new authorities of the republic,' the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on its website on Monday.

'During the past several days the Russian Foreign Ministry watched with anxiety and concern the situational escalation in friendly Abkhazia, where processes in the domestic political fight went outside the legal field following opposition demonstrations on May 27,' the document said.

'In this situation preserving civil peace and preventing situational development under a forceful scenario, which without a doubt would have most tragic consequences, is an undeniable merit of Ankvab and other state leaders,' the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Non-violent solution to Abkhaz political conflict matters to Russia - FM Lavrov

Moscow has called the events taking place in Abkhazia an internal affair of the republic and believes it is important both for the authorities and the opposition to put their people's interests first.

'We regard what is happening in Abkhazia as an internal affair of the Abkhaz people, the Abkhaz state.

The most important thing for us is for the differences that arose among various political forces in Abkhazia to be resolved without any violence, but through a dialogue and widely acceptable agreements between the authorities and the opposition,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

'Both sides have demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and put the interests of their country and their people above those of individual politicians and demonstrated genuine state wisdom,' Lavrov said.

'I am convinced that the relations between Russia and the Republic of Abkhazia will develop upward; at least, we have not heard other calls on the part of any political force or party whatsoever,' the minister said.

Abkhaz opposition positively assesses Russia's role in settling political crisis in Abkhazia

Russian mediators play significant roles in settling domestic political crisis in Abkhazia, Abkhaz opposition leader Sergei Shamba said. '[Russia's] Vladislav Surkov and Rashid Nurgaliyev have played a colossal role in settling the domestic political crisis in Abkhazia. Personally, I am very grateful to them,' Shamba told Interfax on Monday.

'Thanks to these efforts Abkhazia remains a democratic country, which deserved independence through its entire history,' he said. According to Shamba, 'today, certain forces in Sukhumi circulate rumors that Russia insists on Abkhazia's accession to Russia.

I want to state that these rumors are not true. Russia acted correctly in our domestic political crisis by respecting the will of the people.' 'Abkhazia was and will be an independent state, for which relations with Russia are sacred,' Shamba said.

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