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20 May 2014 Military News

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  • Thai Military Declares Martial Law, Seeks 'Peace and Order' VOA 20 May 2014 -- Thailand's military has declared martial law, saying it did so to keep 'peace and order' after months of sometimes violent anti-government protests, the army chief said.
  • Thai PM voices support for fresh election on August 3 VoR 20 May 2014 -- Thailand's caretaker Prime Minister Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan on Tuesday called for fresh polls on August 3 in a bid to end the nation's political turmoil, after the military imposed martial law across the kingdom. Niwattumrong told reporters that the government had written to the Thai Election Commission proposing the new date and hoped to 'submit a royal decree' next week for the king to endorse a new national vote.
  • Kiev targets Slavyansk residential areas Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- Ukraine's government troops stationed outside the country's eastern city of Slavyansk in the Donetsk region have targeted residential areas of the city.
  • Akhmetov Decides To Stop Separatism In Donetsk RFE/RL 20 May 2014 -- Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest man, normally prefers shadows to sunlight. But that's changed in the past week, with a series of strikes and noisy protests calling for the ouster of pro-Russian separatists from his native Donetsk. In the latest demonstration on May 20, the billionaire called on Donetsk residents to stage daily protests until the self-declared 'Donetsk People's Republic,' the driving force behind the May 11 self-rule referendum, was eliminated.
  • Miners Enter The Fray In Eastern Ukraine RFE/RL 20 May 2014 -- The shrill wails of sirens resounded throughout Ukraine's eastern rust belt on May 20, a rallying call for miners and steelworkers to unite against separatists seeking to take over their region.
  • Federalists Take Over 11 Election Commissions in Ukraine's Donetsk, Luhansk Regions RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- The Ukrainian Central Election Commission has announced that self-defense forces has captured 11 district election commissions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported Tuesday.
  • Over 50 Injured, 3 Dead in Ukraine's Slaviansk Since Start of Military Op RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- More than 50 people have been taken to hospitals since the start of the military operation in Ukraine's Slaviansk, the head of the health department of the city council said Tuesday.
  • Russia Calls for Ukraine to Implement OSCE Roadmap Ahead of Elections RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Ukraine must implement the roadmap of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and halt domestic military actions or the upcoming presidential election may aggravate the crisis in the country, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said Tuesday.
  • Some 10,000 people in Ukraine now affected by displacement, UN agency says UN News Centre 20 May 2014 -- The United Nations refugee agency estimated today that 10,000 people, most ethnic Tatars, but also Ukrainians, Russians and mixed families, have fled Crimea and restive eastern Ukraine to other parts of the country, out of fear of insecurity or persecution.
  • Russian troops near Ukraine return to bases: Moscow Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- The Russian Defense Ministry says the country's troops stationed near the border with Ukraine are dismantling their camps and preparing to return to their bases.
  • Russia Withdraws Troops From Ukrainian Border RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Russia has started a pullback of its troops from temporary bases near the Ukrainian border, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Tuesday.
  • Medvedev Says Russia Not Obliged to Guarantee Ukraine's Territorial Sovereignty RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Russia is not obligated to guarantee the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine because it never took on that obligation, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday.
  • Russia Ready to Inform West of Drills near Ukrainian Border - Medvedev RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Moscow is prepared to inform the West of troop deployment near the border with Ukraine, but the issue of the time and place of holding military drills within Russian territory is a domestic entitlement, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday.
  • Russian PM Says Claims of Moscow Planning to Attain Parts of Ukraine – Propaganda RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Confirmation that Russia has plans to claim any part of Ukraine is propaganda and the comparison with the situation with Crimea is inappropriate, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday.
  • Russia: Troops Pulling Back from Ukraine Borders VOA 20 May 2014 -- Russia's Defense Ministry says its 40,000 army troops near the Ukraine border have started dismantling their positions.
  • Russian troops coming back after military exercises on border with Ukraine VoR 20 May 2014 -- On the order by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu formations of Russian Armed Forces which conducted military exercises in regions bordering Ukraine are coming back to their permanent bases, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Tuesday.
  • U.S. Treasury Sanctions 12 More Russians Under 'Magnitsky Act' RFE/RL 20 May 2014 -- The U.S. Treasury has announced sanctions against 12 more Russians for alleged human rights abuses, including prison officials who allegedly withheld medical care from a man who uncovered tax fraud in Russia.
  • Can Russia Unplug From The World? RFE/RL 20 May 2014 -- When a Moscow official, bemoaning the state of Russian childhood, recently called for a return to the days of the Iron Curtain, she put her finger on the precise dilemma faced by Kremlin strategists looking to persuade their 21st-century citizenry that it's time to turn back the clock.
  • US court finds London-based cleric guilty on terrorism charges Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- A US federal court in New York City has found an Egyptian-born Islamic cleric guilty on charges of kidnapping and supporting terrorism around the world.
  • FM spokeswoman dismisses any halt in nuclear talks IRNA 20 May 2014 -- Foreign Minister spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham dismissed any halt in Iran's nuclear talks with the G5+1 and said negotiations between the two sides are going on.
  • Britain's MI5 accused of complicity in torture Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- Britain's domestic spying apparatus MI5 has been accused of complicity in torture.
  • CIA vows not to use fake vaccination programs to cover spy operations VoR 20 May 2014 -- The White House has promised the United States will not use vaccination programs as cover for spy operations - after the move was attempted during the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, AFP reports. As Pakistan suffers a resurgence of polio, a top White House official pledged in a letter dated May 16 that intelligence agencies would foreswear the tactic, which is partly blamed for the spread of the crippling disease.
  • Cisco CEO warns Obama NSA spying threaten the entire US tech industry Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- Cisco's CEO John Chambers has asked US president Barack Obama to consider new rules preventing agencies hijacking networking equipment at it moves through the supply chain — or risk undermining confidence in the multi-billion dollar US technology sector.
  • China suspends cyber working group activities with U.S. to protest cyber theft indictment People's Daily 20 May 2014 -- China on Monday decided to suspend activities of the China-U.S. Cyber Working Group as U.S. announced indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegation of cyber theft.
  • China Warns of More Repercussions Over US Cyber Indictments VOA 20 May 2014 -- China has lodged a protest with the U.S. Ambassador in Beijing in response to accusations that five Chinese military officers engaged in cyber theft and espionage targeting American companies and labor groups. China also says it could take further steps in response to the indictments.
  • China slams US 'double standards' on hacking Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- Chinese Defense Ministry slams the United States for double standards, amid a cyber-espionage row between the two sides.
  • Proton Rocket Crash Investigation Could Lead to Staff Changes RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- The investigation into a recent Proton-M rocket failure that destroyed the advanced Express-AM4R telecommunications satellite could result in a staff reshuffle, Roscosmos Head Oleg Ostapenko told RIA Novosti Tuesday.
  • Telemetry Shows Pressure Drop in Failed Proton's Third Stage Control Engine RIA Novosti 20 May 2014 -- Moments before the Proton-M rocket was lost last week, a sharp pressure drop was recorded in the piping of its third stage control engine, Russia's space chief said on Tuesday.
  • Death toll from MERS in Saudi Arabia hits 173 Iran Press TV 20 May 2014 -- The death toll from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has hit 173 in Saudi Arabia since its appearance in the country two years ago.
  • Synthetic drugs flooding market, new UN study shows UN News Centre 20 May 2014 -- "An unprecedented expansion" of synthetic drugs is taking an ever-greater share of the illicit drugs market, according to a new report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

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