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Smog in China as possible defense against US lasers - research

26 February 2014, 06:18

While the American Navy is preparing to deploy its first laser weapon over China, some experts tend to believe that Chinese are going to use their smog as the best possible defense against it.

This possibility was stated earlier by PLA researcher in a state television interview recently. Meanwhile, Navy Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong, a military expert at the National Defence University, stated during his interview on CCTV's Haixia Liangan (Cross-Straits) programme: 'Under conditions where there is no smog, a laser weapon can fire [at a range of] 10 kilometers. When there's smog, it's only one kilometer. What's the point of making this kind of weapon?'

While media has announced last week that the US Navy is preparing to deploy first laser weapon abroad, Zhang comments that the higher smog PM number (the particles' diameter in micrometers) is, the harder it would be for lasers to detect an object.

Initially, the laser weapon is designed to fire through drones and smaller boats. In response to Zhang's statement, various critical comments appeared on the Internet. In order to defend himself, Zhang told Beijing Youth Daily that most of his statements and quotes were taken out of context. Later on, he added,

'I just stated a laser weapon's weakness. I don't support smog.'

However, out of 12-minute interview, the version placed on the Internet was only of 2 minutes and during it Zhang stated that the laser weapon's enemy at sea was saltwater spray, as it could damage the machine.

'What I said was totally accurate, 100 per cent without error. What other people said is second or third-hand interpretation.'

Zhang decided not to comment on Beijing's smog, as it was not his area of expertise. Yesterday the whole north regions of China were covered in big smog, due to which Beijing issued an "orange" pollution alert, which in a list is second highest.

According to such high level alert, all the constructions are ought to stop, while all the major plants are either supposed to stop operations or to reduce their production up to 30 percent. All schools and kindergartens should cancel any outdoor activities. All people should try to stay at home and if they should go out, they are supposed to wear a mask.

During the smog, the US embassy has monitored the air quality reporting 'hazardous' levels of the most dangerous PM2.5 particles yesterday, which was significantly higher than the Ministry of Environmental Protection indicators.

Voice of Russia,

Source: Smog-in-China-as-possible-defense- against-US-lasers-research-1991/

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