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Iran Press TV

US, China trade warning over ADIZ

Iran Press TV

Sun Feb 9, 2014 3:57PM GMT

China has accused the US of undermining peace and development in the Asia-Pacific urging Washington to hold a rational and fair attitude towards the developments in the region.

"We urge the US to hold a rational and fair attitude, so as to have a constructive role in the peace and development of the region, and not the opposite," a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said.

China's tirade came in response to recent comments by the US Secretary of State John Kerry about China's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the South China Sea while he was visiting Japan.

Lei added that the comments by the US officials on developments in the South China Sea "are not constructive" urging the US "to stop making irresponsible remarks so as not to harm regional stability and the China-US relationship."

"It is a legitimate right for China, as a sovereign state, to set up ADIZ over the East China Sea," Lei said.

He stressed that setting up the ADIZ was in line with international law and norms adding that Washington, which set up its own ADIZ as early as six decades ago, has no right to criticize China for taking the same measure.

Kerry told reporters on Friday that the US "neither recognizes nor accepts" an air-defense zone that China has declared in the region.

American officials have warned that any declaration by Beijing of another such zone in the South China Sea could result in changes to US military deployments in the region.

The US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Danny Russel, said that China's territorial claims in the South China Sea had "created uncertainty, insecurity and instability."

Russel told a congressional testimony on Wednesday that "any Chinese claim to maritime rights not based on claimed land features would be inconsistent with international law. China could highlight its respect for international law by clarifying or adjusting its claim to bring it into accordance with international law of the sea."

The US flew its B-52 bombers through the Chinese air defense zone on November 26 after it was declared last year.


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