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The Democratic Congressman Who Thinks He Can Stop the Syria War

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - In a recent piece published by The Atlantic's Molly Ball speaks to Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-09) about growing opposition to U.S. military intervention in Syria. Find out why Grayson thinks that a war with Syria can be stopped - and why Ball calls him "The Democratic Congressman Who Thinks He Can Stop the Syria War" here.

Grayson on his opposition to a military strike against Syria:

"If we could end suffering in Syria through a military strike, that would be a decision worth thinking about. But no one is suggesting that's going to happen here. No one is suggesting this will end the dictatorship. No one is suggesting this will defeat the al-Nusra rebels who want sharia law and no rights for women. No one is suggesting this will actually prevent a gas attack in the future. No one is suggesting this will do much of anything except give a slap on the wrist to [Syrian President Bashar al-]Assad in hopes that maybe something good will come out of that."

Grayson on why momentum is building AGAINST intervention:

"What the public sees is that we can't afford this anymore. The public also understands that every time we do something like this, it seems to end up a big mess, and America has problems of our own to deal with. There are 20 million people in this country looking for full-time work. How do you explain to them the virtues of military adventurism and humanitarian bombing 6,000 miles from home?"

Grayson on what Members of Congress are hearing from constituents:

"We're talking about ordinary voters and activists both, they're vehemently against this. We all come to this with an open mind -- I did, at least. But people heard the arguments, and now they're starting to hear from their constituents. Believe me, it's not going well for the pro-war point of view."

Grayson on the "undecided" Members of Congress:

"At this point, members are painfully familiar with the arguments already. There's no sense among members that they're going to be able to explain a "yes" vote here to their constituents, particularly if it turns into a quagmire."

The full article from The Atlantic is available here.

Congressman Alan Grayson represents Florida's 9th Congressional District, which includes Osceola County, as well as parts of Orange and Polk counties. He previously served as the U.S. Representative for Florida's 8th Congressional District in the 111th Congress.

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