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Iran, Sudan to improve naval cooperation

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, May 9, IRNA -- Commander of Iran's Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on Thursday that cooperation between Iranian and Sudanese nava; forces will improve in future.

In a meeting with his Sudanese counterpart, he described cooperation between the two forces as excellent and said that given the two states' strategic status, they can have closer collaboration.

He also voiced Iran's readiness to train Sudanese naval forces in Nowshahr Marine Sciences University in which 18 courses are taught.

Referring to the accomplishments of Iran's Navy, Sayyari noted, 'We can build various types of missile launchers and equip our warships.'

He also invited his Sudanese counterpart and the country's technical and educational teams to visit Iran's marine centers.

Hoping that the deals signed during the meeting will be implemented soon, Sayyari also said that unity between the two countries' forces will be effective in confronting their common enemies.

Commander of Sudanese Navy General Dalil al-Daw Muhammad Fadhalallah, for his part, said that he believes that the naval force can safeguard the security of international waters, region and Bab el-Mndeb Strait.

He also called for transfer of Iran's experience to his country in the field in a bid to protect the security of Red Sea.

He hoped that cooperation between the two countries' naval forces will expand.


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