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Supreme Allied Commander visits Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa

US Marine Corps News

By SSgt. Matt Lyman | March 01, 2013

Admiral James G. Stavridis, supreme allied commander Europe and commander of U.S. European Command, visited the Marines, sailors and civilians of Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa at Panzer Kaserne, Boblingen, Germany, March 1.

Throughout the year, Stavridis traveled throughout Europe to make sure all of the commands are operating at appropriate levels and addressing any issues that may come up. Today was the Marines turn to meet their combatant commander face to face.

"Whenever I'm around Marines I feel like I'm around family," said Stavridis, the son of a Marine colonel. "It is a really, really good feeling for me to be around Marines, it's a wonderful part of our nation's heritage our nation's legends and really the absolute DNA of the United States is embedded in everything in and about the Marine Corps."

Stavridis is the first naval officer to hold the position of Supreme Allied Commander Europe and has held the position since the summer of 2009.

'This is the second time Admiral Stavridis has come through our headquarters since I've been here, and I feel honored that he took the time to visit, ask me how I'm doing, and shake my hand," said Capt. Brennon Smith, staff secretary, Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa. "It really shows that he cares about what the Marines do to support EUCOM's mission day-in and day-out across the theater.'

Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa was the final stop on Stavridis' tour before he returns to SHAPE, Belgium.

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