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24 February 2013 Military News

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  • Karzai Orders US Special Forces Out of Eastern Afghan Province VOA 24 Feb 2013 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered the removal of all U.S. special forces from an eastern province in response to allegations that those forces or their Afghan allies may have committed rights abuses against civilians.
  • Karzai Expels U.S. Special Forces RFE/RL 24 Feb 2013 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered U.S. Special Forces to leave the central province of Wardak within two weeks.
  • Karzai orders withdrawal of US special forces from two provinces Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered the withdrawal of US Special Forces from Wardak and Logar provinces within two weeks, accusing them of fuelling "insecurity and instability."
  • NATO Patriots to Cost Turkey $8.5 mln Annually RIA Novosti 24 Feb 2013 -- NATO's patriot missile systems, requested by Turkey to protect it from a potential Syrian attack, are expected to cost Ankara 15 million liras ($8.5 million) annually, local media have reported citing the Turkish defense minister.

Defense Policy / Programs

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Other Conflicts

  • Foreign powers send influx of arms to militants in Syria: Report Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- The foreign-backed militants in Syria have reportedly been supplied with a large new consignment of weapons, including heavy armaments, over the recent weeks.
  • UK urges Syrian opposition coalition not to reject talks Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- Britain calls on the foreign-backed Syria opposition coalition to reconsider pulling out of international talks on the crisis, after the group said it would not attend the upcoming Friends of Syria meeting in Rome and scheduled talks in Washington and Moscow.
  • Foreign-backed militants responsible for Syria violence: Assad Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has blamed foreign-backed militants for almost two years of violence in his country, saying the government forces are only retaliating terrorist attacks.
  • Syrian Troops Target Rebels in Damascus, Aleppo VOA 24 Feb 2013 -- Syrian opposition activists say government warplanes have attacked rebel districts in Damascus and Aleppo, while rebels captured a suspected former nuclear site destroyed by Israeli warplanes in 2007.
  • African Leaders Sign DRC Peace Deal VOA 24 Feb 2013 -- Eleven African countries have signed a peace deal aimed at ending decades of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The agreement was signed on Sunday at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.
  • African leaders sign Congo peace deal Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- The eleven countries in the Great Lakes region of Africa have signed a UN-mediated peace agreement meant to end the interminable cycles of violence that have been plaguing the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for many years.
  • Ban urges long-term commitment to today's peace deal on DR Congo UN News Centre 24 Feb 2013 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged regional African leaders to provide sustained support at the highest political and diplomatic levels to implement a newly signed United Nations-backed accord aimed at stabilizing the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Boko Haram denies abducting French family in Cameroon Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has denied any involvement in the abduction of seven French tourists in northern Cameroon.
  • Chinese surveillance ships enter Japanese waters: Tokyo Iran Press TV 24 Feb 2013 -- Japan says three Chinese surveillance ships have entered its territorial waters off disputed islands in the East China Sea.

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