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26 December 2012 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
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Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Army's strategic vision plan unveiled Army News 26 Dec 2012 -- This month the latest Army Capstone Concept was rolled out. The previous ACC was published in 2009.
  • HAZMAT: Know the Facts NNS 26 Dec 2012 -- Most jobs in the Navy, and on board amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu (LHA 5), require hazardous materials on a regular basis.
  • Russian Warplanes to Get New Paint Scheme RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- Next year the Russian Air Force will abandon its gray camouflage coloring and use several new color patterns for its warplanes, a source in the Russian defense ministry said on Wednesday.
  • Russian Army to Get New Sniper Rifles in 2013 RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- The Russian Defense Ministry will purchase new sniper rifles next year, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said on Wednesday.
  • Russia to Bring Back Railroad-Based ICBM – Source RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- Russia will restart production of railway-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), with prototypes to be deployed by 2020, a senior Russian defense industry official said on Wednesday.
  • Russia May Soon Draft New Law on Military Service for Women RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- A bill on voluntary military service for women could be introduced in the lower house of the Russian parliament by February 1, 2013, a Russian lawmaker said.
  • India to Assemble Russian Mil, Kamov Helicopters RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- Russian Helicopters holding and India's Elcom Systems Pvt Limited have signed an agreement to set up a joint venture to assemble Russian Mil and Kamov helicopters in India, the Russian holding said on Wednesday.
  • India Claims Problems With Russian-Leased Nuclear Sub RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- India has asked Russia to replace the faulty parts on the leased Nerpa nuclear-powered submarine as they affect its operational readiness, the Times of India reported.
  • US to Sell South Korea Spy Drones VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- The Obama administration has formally proposed the sale of advanced spy drones to South Korea, in a push to boost the Seoul government's ability to protect itself from attacks by the heavily-militarized North.
  • Iran Stages Naval Drills in Persian Gulf RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have launched a series of naval exercises in the Persian Gulf, the semi-official Fars news agency said.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • TURKEY: Syrian refugees choosing to work risk exploitation IRIN 26 Dec 2012 -- The ruinous state of the Syrian economy after 18 months of civil war has left few options for young men trying to support their families without taking up arms. Many see escaping to Turkey to find illegal work as their only choice. But it is a choice that comes with a price.
  • Syrian Military Police Commander Defects, Criticizes Army RFE/RL 26 Dec 2012 -- Syria's military police chief has defected from President Bashar al-Assad's regime and has reportedly fled to Turkey.
  • Top Syrian Official Defects VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- A top Syrian military official who headed the feared military police has told a pan-Arab TV station that he defected and joined Syria's opposition movement.
  • Cross-strait ties are 'special relations': president CNA 26 Dec 2012 -- President Ma Ying-jeou reaffirmed Wednesday that the Republic of China is a sovereign independent country, but that cross-Taiwan Strait ties involve 'special relations' rather than ties between two countries.
  • China's air patrol over Diaoyutais can become routine: scholar CNA 26 Dec 2012 -- A Chinese scholar said China's air patrol over the disputed Diaoyutai Islands in the East China Sea can become a routine practice, according to a report by Hong Kong's China News Agency on Wednesday.
  • CAR Rebels Seize Another Town VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- Rebels in northern Central African Republic (C.A.R.) have seized another key regional capital, their fourth in the past two and a half weeks, as negotiations with the government struggle to get off the ground.

News Reports

  • Morsi Urges Egyptian Opposition to Engage After Constitution Enacted VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- In an address on national TV Wednesday, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi congratulated Egyptians for voting to approve a new constitution and urged them to unite and work toward a better future. The address came one day after he signed the controversial new constitution into law.
  • Political Conflict Hurts Egyptian Economy VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday vowed his government will tackle pressing economic problems mainly brought on by nearly two years of political turmoil and social upheaval. Experts say the country faces more tough economic times as the cycle of elections and protests continues.
  • EGYPT: Poor hit hardest as political tensions persist IRIN 26 Dec 2012 -- For the first time in months, Hussein Mohamed, a 50-year-old civil servant from the Giza Governorate neighbourhood of Imbaba, northern Cairo, has had to tell his wife that he can no longer put food on the table.
  • US Embassy Security Beefed Up Despite Diplomatic Cost VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised to beef up security at U.S. embassies and diplomatic missions after a panel investigating the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens criticized what it called 'systemic failures.' VOA's Jerome Socolovsky spoke to a former American diplomat who warns that more security may damage America's oreign relations.
  • Netanyahu Launches Reelection Bid RFE/RL 26 Dec 2012 -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially launched his reelection campaign, saying he is the candidate best prepared to protect Israel from threats posed by the nuclear program of rival Iran.
  • PGCC states' accusations against Iran 'baseless': Spokesman IRNA 26 Dec 2012 -- Iranian Spokesperson Ramin Mihmanparast in a statement released here on Tuesday, called the accusation against Iran in the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council member states' Manama statement as baseless.
  • Abe Named New Japanese Prime Minister VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- ​Japan has a new prime minister. The Diet (parliament) on Wednesday selected Shinzo Abe to again lead the country after his Liberal Democratic Party scored a solid comeback in elections this month. That ends a three-year stay in power for the Democratic Party of Japan.
  • Shinzo Abe Favors Greater Global Role for Japan VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- Japan's newly elected prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is a long-time conservative politician who has pushed for a more aggressive foreign policy and a greater role for Japan on the world stage.
  • UAE Says Terror Cell Arrested VOA 26 Dec 2012 -- UAE authorities said Wednesday that several arrests have been made in connection with a terrorist cell that was planning attacks in the Gulf kingdom, Saudi Arabia and nearby states.
  • Russia Designs New Spaceship RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- Russian space rocket corporation Energia has completed the technical design of a new manned spacecraft whose flight tests are due to begin in 2017, Energia President Vitaly Lopota said on Wednesday.
  • Energia Rejects Space Industry Engine Holding Idea RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- Russian space rocket corporation Energia head Vitaly Lopota on Wednesday rejected as a "non-market" measure the idea of establishing an engine holding company in the domestic space industry.
  • Russia May Join ExoMars Project in Q1 2013 – Roscosmos RIA Novosti 26 Dec 2012 -- The Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos and the European Space Agency (ESA) could sign a long-anticipated agreement on Russia's participation in a Mars research project in the first quarter of 2013, Roscosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin said.

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