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US Moves Osprey Drills from Okinawa to Guam

RIA Novosti

16:08 23/11/2012

MOSCOW, November 23 (RIA Novosti) - US and Japanese officials have agreed to move some exercises involving US Osprey transport aircraft from Okinawa to the Pacific island of Guam, the NHK public broadcaster reported.

US military aircraft based in Japan, including four Ospreys from the Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Okinawa, will take part in a three-week drill starting November 29.

Twelve Ospreys were deployed in Okinawa last month despite concerns among local residents over the aircraft's safety.

US officials have decided to conduct Osprey flight training across Japan to reduce the burden on people in Okinawa.

About 140 people living near the Kadena Airbase allege that noise created by US warplanes has caused hearing impairment and insomnia in many of the residents, and they plan to seek $2.7 million in compensation, Japanese media reported on Thursday.

A Japanese court rejected a similar suit in 2000, noting that foreign governments are beyond Japanese jurisdiction, in accordance with international laws.

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