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Khalid Mashaal: Palestinians not to forget Iran’s support for resistance

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Cairo, Nov 19, IRNA -- Head of Hamas Politbureau Khalid Mashaal speaking here at a press conference said that Palestinian nation would never forget their Iranian brethren’s staunch support for Palestinian resistance.

According to an IRNA correspondent in Cairo, Mashaal added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has contributed greatly to the Palestinian cause and our amicable relations with Tehran would continue despite any possible political development in the Middle East.”

He further elaborated, “For instance, Hamas had a difference of opinion with Iran over its stand regarding Syria, but that did not deteriorate our relations with Tehran.”

A reporter asked about the extent of dependence of Hamas to Tehran and to Damascus. Mashaal said, “This Islamic movement is not dependent on Iran, Syria, Egypt, or Qatar, but dependent on the entire Arab and Islamic Ummah (nation).


Head of Hamas Politbureau in response to a question on whether Hamas is ready for accepting a ceasefire with the usurper racist Zionist regime, said, “We have two pre-conditions for accepting such a ceasefire: firstly, Israel must end attacking the Gaza Strip and secondly, they must put an end to the illegitimate siege of Gaza.”

He added, “We are not opposed to restoration of peace and stability (ceasefire) for the people of Gaza and for the other side, but there are certain demands, which can be beefed in ending the Israeli aggressions and ending the lingering siege of Gaza.”

Mashaal further noted, “The Americans, the Europeans, an Israel directly have asked Egypt to intervene in this respect. I am telling you on behalf of Hamas and the Palestinian nation though, it was them (the occupier Zionists) who initially began invading, following which they have volunteered for ending the engagement, having realized that their calculations have misled them.”


Hamas Politburo Chief commenting on the bastardly assassination of the organization’s military chief Ahmed Jaabari by the racist Zionist forces , said, “You killed Jaabari and you can go on and kill Mashaal and others, but in the end it’ll pave our way to the liberation of the occupied Hoy Qods (Jerusalem)… Assassinating our leaders will only make us more powerful,” said the man who survived an Israeli assassination attempt in Jordan some 15 years ago.

Mashaal, who is slated to retire from the leadership of Hamas’ political bureau, said that Jaabari had recently returned from Mecca to the Gaza Strip through Egypt.

“Ahmed Jaabari was not a Hamas man, but a man of the entire nation,” he said. “He and Mohammed Deif (the former head of Hamas’ military wing, who was seriously injured in a racist Zionist assassination attempt) are heroes. He had an important part in building Hamas’ military wing. He lived as great hero, and thanks God, also died as a great hero.”

Khalid Mashaal became a leader of Hamas after the assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yaseen in 2004. Mashaal has been the head of Hamas’ Syrian political bureau and is the international representative for the Palestinian resistance against the racist Zionists’ occupation.

Fighter for Social Justice

Since becoming the head of Hamas Politbureau, Mashaal has seen the organization through multiple attempts at a roadmap to peace and a major Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip.

Pioneering Leader

Mashaal has been recognized for his persistence with Hamas’ efforts—at present leading in exile from Syria. His determination is combined with a unique effort at diplomacy.

Mashaal has shown a willingness to negotiate with the occupier Zionist forces to return to the 1967 borders and grant the Palestinians a right of return, while importantly implying the necessary existence of the Jewish state, despite Hamas’ historic denial of that possibility.

Mashaal has been one of the most direct, and candid leaders in dialogue and confrontation with the usurper racist Zionist regime and this has garnered him international recognition.

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