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KCNA Slams Japan's Oft-repeated "Claim" to Tok Islets

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- Japan marked Tok Islets as part of its territory in the 2012 white paper for defense.

What merits serious attention is that the white paper, an official document clarifying the defense policy of the Japanese government, has groundlessly repeated "claim" to Tok Islets for eight years. In a word, this is nothing but a call for staging a comeback to Korea.

Tok Islets are part of the inviolable territory of Korea which has been recognized by historical evidence and international law. This fact is proved not only by Korean historical materials but by Japanese historical materials.

Japan persistently insists on the "claim" despite historical facts because it regards the islets as a point for launching its reinvasion of Korea. Such persistent "claim" of Japan is escalating the tension on the Korean Peninsula and forming a structure of acute confrontation between the Korean nation and Japan.

Japan's persistent wrong assertion about the islets is mainly attributable to the Lee Myung Bak regime's pro-Japanese policy.

The anti-Japanese resentment is running high among the south Koreans over the issue of the islets. This being a stark fact, the Lee group of traitors has just issued statements of regret at Japan's brigandish bid to grab the islets for the last three consecutive years. This is another sycophantic and treacherous act as it is aimed at easily abandoning part of Korea which has belonged to its territory generation after generation.

The Lee group opted for the conclusion of the General Security of Military Information Agreement, the first military agreement to be signed with Japan. This is as outrageous an act as allowing Japan to reinvade Korea and pave the way for doing so.

Japan is a criminal state which brought unspeakable misfortunes and sufferings to the Korean nation. It is, however, beautifying the bloody history of aggression against Korea and evading apology and reparation for it, far from admitting it. The Korean nation should never pardon Japan's evermore undisguised "claim" to the islets as it is an attempt to reinvade Korea in a bid to realize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".

It is a pipedream for the descendants of the Japanese imperialists to realize their ambition for grabbing the islets with ease with the backing of the Lee group, oblivious of the lesson taught by history.

The Japanese reactionaries eyeing the islets and the Lee group, its lackeys, are bound to face a stern punishment by the Korean nation.

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