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14 August 2012 Military News

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  • OIF/OEF/OND Casualty Update 14 Aug 2012 [PDF]
  • Remember Progress, Sacrifices in Afghanistan, Panetta Says AFPS 14 Aug 2012 -- Amid a news-filled summer here at home and the nation's attention focused on the just-concluded Olympics, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta today urged Americans to remember a war is still going on in Afghanistan, and called on them to honor the sacrifices service members are making there.
  • ANSF lead 'Battle' mission to secure Afghanistan's Highway 1 Army News 14 Aug 2012 -- Every day, thousands of cars, buses and highly-decorated trucks travel Afghanistan's Highway 1, the ring road that connects the country's largest and most populated cities. The 300-mile stretch of road between Kabul and Kandahar is the main focus of the area's Afghan National Security Forces and Battle Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, Task Force 173rd.
  • Combined Force Arrests Taliban Weapons Dealer AFPS 14 Aug 2012 -- An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Taliban weapons dealer and detained two suspected insurgents in the Panjwai district of Afghanistan's Kandahar province today, military officials reported.
  • Suicide Attackers, Motorcycle Bomb Kill More Than 45 in Afghanistan VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- Suicide attackers and remote-controlled bomb have killed at least 45 people in Afghanistan.

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Other Conflicts

  • 14 August 2012 - Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General United Nations 14 Aug 2012
  • Syrian Opposition Has Many Faces VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- Rebel forces have been fighting the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad for nearly 18 months. But many experts and Western politicians say it is unclear who makes up the Syrian opposition.
  • Panetta: Iran Increases Support to Assad Regime AFPS 14 Aug 2012 -- Iran is increasing its presence in Syria, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said today, through apparent efforts to bolster the Bashar Assad regime by training a militia and other tactics.
  • UN official urges parties in Syria conflict to heed international humanitarian law UN News Centre 14 Aug 2012 -- Arriving in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the United Nations top relief official today called on the parties in the Middle Eastern country's ongoing conflict to respect international humanitarian law and its provisions.
  • Syria: UN scales up refugee registration to accelerate access to basic services UN News Centre 14 Aug 2012 -- As hundreds of people continue to flee Syria on a daily basis, the United Nations today announced it is scaling up its capacity to register Syrian refugees in order to facilitate and speed up their access to basic help and services.
  • Panetta: No Plans for Syria No-Fly Zone VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday that the United States has no plans for imposing a no-fly zone over Syria as the government of Bashar al-Assad steps up air attacks on the city of Aleppo.
  • SYRIA: Palestinians being drawn into the fight IRIN 14 Aug 2012 -- When mortar shells slammed into Yarmouk, Syria's largest Palestinian camp, in early August, killing at least 20 people, many Palestinians in Syria saw it as a wake-up call.
  • Ex-PM Says Assad Controls Only 30 Percent Of Syria RFE/RL 14 Aug 2012 -- Former Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab, who defected to Jordan last week, has said that Bashar al-Assad's regime controls only 30 percent of the country.
  • Syrian Ex-PM Says Regime on Verge of Collapse RIA Novosti 14 Aug 2012 -- The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost control of two-thirds of the country and is on the verge of collapse, the BBC quoted ex-Syrian premier Riyad Hijab as saying.
  • Ex-Syrian PM: Assad Government 'Enemy of God' VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- Former Syrian prime minister, Riad Hijab, appeared publicly Tuesday for the first time since his defection, calling President Bashar al-Assad's government an 'enemy of God' and saying it is collapsing.
  • UN Says Stream of Syrian Refugees Growing VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) says the numbers of those fleeing fighting in Syria continue to escalate. The agency has registered 157,577 Syrian refugees who have fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey and expects those figures to rise sharply.
  • Beijing Denies Creating Rifts Over S. China Sea VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- China is denying that it is attempting to create discord within the ASEAN regional bloc in an attempt to exert more influence in disputed areas of the energy-rich South China Sea.
  • ROC will not budge on sovereignty over Tiaoyutais: Presidential Office CNA 14 Aug 2012 -- The Republic of China will not budge on its sovereignty over the disputed Tiaoyutai Islands, the Presidential Office said Tuesday.
  • Hong Kong activists fail to get supplies in Taichung CNA 14 Aug 2012 -- A group of activists from Hong Kong was making for the port of Keelung in northern Taiwan Tuesday to resupply en route for the disputed Tiaoyutai Islands, after their boat was denied entry at Taichung Port in central Taiwan, the activists said that day.
  • UN envoy says spoilers must not disrupt Somalia's peaceful transition to democracy UN News Centre 14 Aug 2012 -- Spoilers hampering Somalia's transition to democracy will face stringent action from the Security Council if they continue their obstruction, the United Nations top political official for Somalia declared today, while also confirming that the selection of Somalia's new Parliament was on track and would usher in a new era of peace, stability and democracy for the East African country.
  • UN Warns Civilians About Anticipated Attack on Somali Port VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- A United Nations official has expressed concern about reports of civilian casualties from naval assaults on the Somali city of Kismayo. The port city is one of the last strongholds of the militant group al-Shabab, and securing Kismayo is a key objective for African Union [AU] forces fighting in Somalia.
  • Myanmar: UN envoy welcomes mission to area affected by ethnic violence UN News Centre 14 Aug 2012 -- The recent mission of the Turkish Foreign Minister and senior officials of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to Myanmar's state of Rakhine – which recently experienced deadly ethnic clashes that displaced thousands of people – was welcomed today by the top United Nations envoy to the Southeast Asian country.
  • BURKINA FASO: Food for refugees will run out in September IRIN 14 Aug 2012 -- Agencies cannot cope with the scale of refugee needs in camps across Mali, as their funding shortfalls are too great: 36 percent at the World Food Programme (WFP) 66 percent in UN refugee agency (UNHCR), and 58 percent for the overall response. If additional funding does not come soon, food will run out in September.
  • Karadzic Demands New War Crimes Trial RIA Novosti 14 Aug 2012 -- The former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic has asked the Hague Tribunal to start a new trial over his alleged war crimes and genocide citing numerous flaws in the work of UN prosecutors, the Serbian media said.
  • Israel Appoints New Minister Amid Iran Tensions VOA 14 Aug 2012 -- Israel has made a crucial Cabinet addition as tension grows with Iran over its nuclear program.

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