President recommends $5.062 billion for AF Reserve in fiscal 2013

2/17/2012 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Under the Fiscal 2013 President's Budget Request announced Feb. 13, Air Force Reserve Command is slated to receive an annual operating budget of $5.062 billion starting in October.

The fiscal 2013 budget includes $1.885 billion for military personnel, $3.166 billion for operations and maintenance to pay for air operations, service support and civilian pay, and $11 million for military construction.

The desired Reserve personnel end strength is 70,500 reservists, which is 900 fewer than the fiscal 2012 request.

The manning levels for the new fiscal year include 2,888 full-time active Guard Reserve members and 67,612 full-time Air Reserve technicians, traditional reservists, individual mobilization augmentees, and other categories of paid and non-paid reservists. Not included in that total are 452 regular Air Force Airmen and 4,015 civilian employees.

The fiscal 2013 budget request ensures Air Force reservists are trained and prepared to support Air Force and combatant command requirements through training, preparedness and modernization.

The Air Force Reserve is committed to the secretary of defense's efficiency agenda by leveraging new technology, using better business practices and improving its force alignment to maintain a strategic force to meet national defense needs, according to officials.

Command officials said the Air Force Reserve is ready to execute the Air Force's guidance to meet real-world requirements, reduce excess, be more efficient, squeeze costs, and make the necessary tough choices.

The Air Force Reserve budget is about 4.6 percent of the Air Force's $110.1 billion allocation.

(Courtesy of Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs.)

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