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Iranís Red Crescent Society camp in Somalia attacked

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 20, IRNA -- Iran’s Red Crescent Society in Mogadishu was attacked by suicide bombers last night.

The terrorist operation had no casualties but the blast broke down the camp's windows and doors.

A terrorist bomber was shot dead in fire exchange with the Camp’s guards.

The bombers were two and one of them managed to escape from the scene.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society has 20 camps and seven makeshift hospitals in Somalia.

Somalia has been hardest-hit by, what is described as, the worst drought to inflict the Horn of Africa in 60 years.

The UN has declared famine in six regions in southern Somalia, warning that the natural disaster would spread to all the eight regions of the country's south.

Drought and famine have together affected more than 11.8 million people across the country as well as in Kenya and Ethiopia.

According to the United Nations, it is estimated that a quarter of Somalia's population of 9.9 million are now either internally displaced or living outside the country as refugees.

Despite an increase in international relief aid for Somalia, hundreds of people, half of them children, are losing their lives on a daily basis, according to the world body.

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