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330th Movement Control Battalion Facilitates 1-8 CAV Repositioning

October 17, 2011

By 1st Lt. Matthew Scott Byer

KHABARI CROSSING, KUWAIT -- The 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment traveled through Khabari Border Crossing on Oct. 9, 2011, in order to reposition the unit to Camp Buehring, Kuwait, for the remainder of its deployment. The battalion constituted one of the first repositioning units to travel from Iraq to Kuwait this fall as part of the final drawdown of troops from Iraq during Operation New Dawn. Spread out over four convoys, they traveled for the last time through Iraq and reached the Kuwaiti border at Khabari Crossing during the early morning hours, where they were greeted by the 330th Transportation Battalion, 230th Sustainment Brigade. The 330th's 265th and 486th Movement Control Teams facilitated the smooth movement through the border and the unit's travel to Camp Buehring.

Utilizing their Blue Force Trackers to track the 1-8th's movement prior to arrival at Khabari Crossing, the two MCTs were ready to accept the convoys as they approached the border. The 265th MCT immediately helped the battalion adjust their weapons posture upon entering Kuwait. Reorganizing the weapons and ammunition situation is a vital step in maintaining the harmonious relationship U.S. armed forces currently have with the Kuwaiti government. "As the convoy crosses the border, two of our Soldiers meet the convoy at the midway yard to help separate the gun-trucks from the rest of the convoy's trucks," explained Staff Sgt. Angel Rosario, 265th's night shift noncommissioned officer-in-charge, on how the 265th reorganizes the incoming convoy.

After the separation and all weapons were cleared, each convoy commander received a briefing from 265th, 486th, and contracted movement control personnel on the processing of the convoy, customs operations and procedures for escorting the convoy to Camp Buehring. While the brief was conducted, Khabari Crossing's security forces, consisting of U.S. Soldiers, randomly inspect the convoy vehicles for contraband, a process which helps maintain the integrity of Kuwaiti laws. Following the brief and the inspection, Soldiers from the 486th distributed orange caution lights to the entire convoy, a requirement that helps preserve integrity during movement throughout Kuwait.

This is just the second time the movement control teams have worked together to assist in the repositioning of forces from Iraq. Over the next few months, repositioning and redeploying units will become commonplace at Khabari Crossing, and it will be the central focus for the 330th to assist units from across Iraq in taking their first step towards home by arriving to and traveling safely throughout Kuwait.

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