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402nd AFSB preps Strykers for RESET

June 27, 2011

By Galen Putnam

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq -- When it comes to moving equipment into and back out of theater " the 402nd Army Field Support Brigade is the first, and last, stop along the way.

The 402nd AFSB here just completed processing the Strykers belonging to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, which is redeploying to its home station in Hawaii. The vehicles, in the meantime, will be transported to the United States to be renovated.

“Since the vehicles are going through a [Program Manager] RESET where they will be refurbished, all of the extraneous equipment needs to be removed so the vehicle itself can be worked on,” said Byron Malbrough, logistics management specialist, 402nd AFSB. “Our job is to facilitate the removal of those items and prepare the vehicles for onward movement to Kuwait then the United States for RESET.”

The “de-install” process consists of six stations: Class I supply disposal, ammo drop, basic issue item drop, removal of crew devices and government furnished equipment (like weapons systems and communications systems), and property book officer validation (where the vehicles are signed over).

The 402nd AFSB’s role in the process is to remove essential equipment from the vehicles, assist the unit with logistical coordination and to ensure a smooth transition. Field service representatives also provide assistance in obtaining transportation movement requests for vehicles that will be going back to the United States.

“Since these vehicles are being shipped back for RESET, they don’t need all of this equipment left on. It also makes the equipment available for other use here in theater,” said Steve Rolen, site manager, IED-Defeat, 1st Battalion, 402nd AFSB. “This is an expedited procedure where we remove all the extra equipment, get the vehicles processed out, and at a later date reinstall the equipment onto a new host platform.”

402nd AFSB teams in Kuwait are on standby to receive the vehicles and will conduct further preparations so they can be shipped back to the United States.

Soldiers say they appreciate the assistance provided by the 402nd AFSB.

“We have had great support, especially from the [field support representatives]. They are not only very knowledgeable, but very helpful as well,” said Sgt. John Cameron, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. “If we have an issue, or can’t figure something out, they are always right there to assist us.”

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