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Navy Regional Maintenance Center Becomes Newest NAVSEA Command

Navy News Service

Story Number: NNS110610-08

From Navy Regional Maintenance Center Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Navy Regional Maintenance Center (NRMC) was officially established on Naval Station Norfolk during a signing ceremony at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Headquarters on board Washington Navy Yard, June 9.

NAVSEA Commander, Vice Adm. Kevin McCoy, signed documentation for the new maintenance command, which was chartered by the chief of naval operations mid-December to oversee the operations and management of the Navy's Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs) in their execution of surface ship maintenance and modernization.

NRMC will lead the RMCs in developing and executing standardized maintenance and modernization processes, instituting common policies, and standardizing training in an effort to sustain a consistent business model across the RMCs, and ultimately, to provide cost-effective readiness to the Navy's surface ship fleets.

"We have been making great strides with our efforts on initiatives such as surface ship assessments, policy and procedures, sustainment programs, expansion of RMC capability and capacity, and the execution and certification of maintenance and modernization availabilities," said the newly appointed NRMC Commander Capt. David J. Gale. "Over the past several months my staff has been working diligently with the fleet and type commanders, NAVSEA, RMCs and contractors to align our efforts and focus in on the harder issues surrounding sustaining our surface fleet."

An additional responsibility for the NRMC will be increasing the contract management effectiveness of multi-ship/multi-option contracts. Most of the maintenance and modernization work done on surface ships is done by private companies under these contract vehicles, with U.S. Navy oversight provided by the RMCs.

Executing the Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA) program is another top priority for NRMC. TSRA is a four-phased assessment process for ships that is scheduled by the type commanders and executed by the RMCs. The assessments cover a variety of shipboard systems and equipment, and are conducted to support work package development for major maintenance availabilities, during availabilities, prior to deployment, and also to support special missions.

TSRA assessments are expected to increase maintenance effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring the ship has a comprehensive catalog of all work that needs to be accomplished to achieve the necessary readiness to support its mission.

Re-establishing the Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMAs), whose dual mission is to train returning Fleet Sailors in shipboard repairs and to perform intermediate level maintenance and repair, is also a key imperative for NRMC. Of particular importance to NRMC and the IMAs is journeyman-level training for Sailors, as it prepares them to return to sea with well-honed maintenance and repair skills considered fundamental to maintaining organic capability aboard Navy ships.

Training conducted at the IMAs within the RMCs under the mantra of "find, fix and train" will return sailors to better able to self-assess, identify, and even correct, problematic areas prior to catastrophic failures.

With 73 percent of our Navy's 313-ship Navy already in today's Fleet, it is critical that our ships maintain full operational readiness to meet our projected missions. NRMC as a NAVSEA Echelon III command, works closely with NAVSEA's surface warfare directorate, which is responsible for ship maintenance and modernization, and the Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program command, for planning and execution of surface ship maintenance and modernization.

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