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Africa Partnership Station Visits Cameroon

Navy News Service

Story Number: NNS110608-08

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Gary A. Prill, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet Public Affairs

DOUALA, Cameroon (NNS) -- Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa (CNE-CNA) personnel kicked off the Africa Partnership Station (APS) 2011 training hub in Cameroon, with a ceremony aboard the Douala Naval Base, June 7.

APS is a multinational initiative developed by CNE-CNA and is comprised of 34 nations which aim to work cooperatively to enhance maritime safety and security on the African continent.

This APS hub will take place during the next 11 days and began with an opening speech by Capt. Lawrence Rollo, CNE-CNA maritime affairs officer.

"Welcome to APS 2011 Doula," said Rollo. "I want to thank the government of Cameroon for hosting this hub, and the continued support of APS. APS was a concept instituted several years ago with the first engagement on USS Fort McHenry; it was an important first step. Now we have more hubs focused on more training, and international and multinational exercises at sea together."

Following Rollo's speech, Gen. Mohammad Sali, Cameroon navy chief of naval operations, shared a few words welcoming Italian, Senegalese, and American training teams, and requested the students to perform at their best during APS 2011.

"Its an honor for me to [be] presiding over the opening ceremony of APS 2011," said Sali. "I would like to wish all of you, teachers and students from outside of Cameroon, a warm welcome to Douala. I am asking this group of students to make them selves available and be disciplined to profit from this program."

APS brings together an international team of expert trainers in a variety of military capabilities, and a handful of civilian fields. This APS hub will focus on addressing cross-service training in law at sea, port security, maritime interdiction operations, small boat maintenance, medical training and more.

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