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Germany stresses tactical nukes make 'militarily no sense'

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, Sep 23, IRNA -- German Deputy Foreign Minister Werner Hoyer reaffirmed the need for the global removal of tactical or substrategic atomic weapons, saying they made 'militarily no sense.'

Meeting with Berlin-based foreign media representatives at the foreign ministry on Thursday, Hoyer said these nuclear arms which are also deployed by the US on German soil, did not make militarily any sense and hence do 'not have a deterrence effect.'

Our credibility in terms of calling for a worldwide nuclear disarmament can be strengthened, if we remove these weapons, he added.

Hoyer reiterated that reducing the number of American tactical weapons in Germany could only be achieved as part of 'a dialogue' among NATO partners and 'within the context of devising a new strategic concept' in the western military pact.

Berlin has been pressing for the removal of an estimated 20 American atomic bombs at an air base in the southwestern town of Buechel which are part of a stockpile of about 200 nuclear weapons left in Europe after the end of the Cold War.

American nuclear weapons in Europe are scattered across 62 aircraft shelters at six military bases in five European countries, according to US nuclear experts.

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