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Israel to ease Gaza blockade

RIA Novosti

12:58 17/06/2010

TEL-AVIV, June 17 (RIA Novosti) - The Israeli government said on Thursday it will ease the land blockade of the Gaza Strip.

"It has been decided to liberalize delivery systems by which civilian goods enter Gaza and expand the inflow of materials for civilian projects which are under international supervision," a government statement said.

The Palestinian authorities say Israel only allows 150 types of products into the Gaza Strip after Israel and Egypt tightened the blockade of the enclave in 2007.

The announcement comes amid increasing international pressure to end the blockade after Israeli commandos stormed the Gaza aid flotilla last month.

Israeli commandos stormed on May 31 the six-ship Freedom Flotilla in international waters off the coast of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip as it carried some 10,000 tons of aid and up to 700 human rights activists to the Palestinian enclave.

Nine activists were killed and dozens were injured. Hundreds were deported.

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