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Marolles, 14th June 2010

A world first at Eurosatory with two companies, Panhard and CMI, unveiling their vision of the SPHINX armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (ERBC - Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat) and announcing the creation of an “EBRC team”. The armoured vehicle can be seen on the Panhard stand (C391).

The “EBRC team” has two prime contractors:

- PANHARD brings its expertise in vehicle design, armoured hulls, platform protection and mobility.

- CMI DEFENCE, an expert in modular turret weapon systems architecture, is contributing to the design and integration of the fire support function, or in this case the integration of CTAI’s 40mm gun.

The “EBRC team” also includes MBDA, which will supply the BVR (beyond visual range) missile to complete the turret gun weaponry, and Thales for provision of tactical communications equipment, the electronic suite (VSys), integrated visionics and digitalisation of the units.

This “EBRC team” has five objectives:

- Offering a prototype assembly of EBRC’s operational functions to make it easier to dialogue with the French defence procurement agency DGA, the chiefs of staff and the armies;

- Reducing the risks of the most innovative functions and solutions suggested at lower cost;

- Integrating those technologies which are already available and mastered by each partner;

- Maximising technological and industrial synergies;

- Keeping the costs of the operation in check and guaranteeing that targets and lead times will be met.

In PANHARD and CMI’s vision, the SPHINX is a rapid intervention armoured vehicle: easily deployable in a C-130 Hercules or A400M (its combat-ready weight is under 17 tonnes), well-protected (level 5) and equipped with a technologically advanced 40mmturret equipped with long range missiles, the SPHINX is designed to be easy to operate and as the backbone on the armoured rapid intervention level. The vehicle’s hull is in the shape of a very pronounced ‘V’ which is an essential prerequisite for protection from mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

SPHINX would enter service in the French cavalry from 2018, to replace PANHARD’s ERC90 and NEXTER’s AMX10RC.

Panhard General Defense: Panhard General Defense has been designing and producing armoured vehicles for nearly a century, notably the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), 2300 of which are currently in service in 16 countries, and the PVP (small protected vehicle), with over 930 units ordered by the French Army. In 2009, Panhard made 90 million euros in turnover.

For more information, visit:
Stand Eurosatory C391

CMI Defence: Recognised as a designer and integrator of weapon systems, CMI Defence holds a technological leadership in multifunctional, highpower weapon systems for air transportable light and medium armoured vehicles.
The reputation of CMI Defence is also based on the unrivalled performance of its products which are regularly upgraded through modular technological innovations to proactively respond to the specific operational needs of armed forces.
Stand Eurosatory: G200 in hall 6

Press Contact
For Panhard General Defense : Charles Maisonneuve
Tel: +33 (0) 1 60 82 49 87 / + 33 (0) 6 13 22 30 21
2 rue Panhard et Levassor, 91630 Marolles en Hurepoix – France

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