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Coalition 'seismic shift' in UK politics, says Cameron

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, May 12, IRNA -- Journalists witnessed a surreal joint press conference Wednesday between Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg defending their unique decision to go into coalition government.

Cameron argued that their deal, Britain’s first coalition government since World War Two, mark an "historic and seismic shift" in the country’s confrontational-style politics.

Clegg described it as a "remarkable and very welcome day", insisting that the extraordinary alliance between centre-right Tories and centre-left Lib Dems working together in government would last despite differences.

"This is what new politics looks like", he said. "We're just proceeding with a very open mind," he added about the experiment with birds singing in the background of the rose gardens of Downing Street.

The joint press conference is the first since the Tories and Lib Dems agreed a power-sharing deal following last week’s general elections ending in stalemate.

Journalists were describing the unique event as a “honeymoon period” but with many expressing scepticism on how long the coalition will last as difficulties arise and bookmakers taking bets that it will prove to be short-lived.

But both Cameron and Clegg insisted that the government will run its full-term and were naming May 2015 as the date of the next election, avoiding any mention of the coalition collapsing the the meantime on a no confidence vote.

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