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Israel, Palestine may restart peace talks

RIA Novosti


MOSCOW, May 2 (RIA Novosti) - Israel and Palestine may restart indirect peace talks which had been stalled for over a year now, CNN TV-channel said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend welcomed the Arab League's support of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu said "that Israel wishes to resume the peace talks with the Palestinians at any time and at any place adding "the talks are to be held "without preconditions."

Members of the Arab League backed Saturday in Cairo, Egypt, the peace-talks resumption.

CNN said that the exact date of the talks' resumption remains unclear.

Last month Palestinian leader Mahmound Abbas said he was ready to work with Israeli Prime and expressed hope for the Arab League approval of the talks' resumption.

He was expected to submit with the Arab League a proposal to begin indirect negotiations with Israel for approval on May 1.

Israel has called on the PNA to resume peace talks immediately and without any preconditions.

Palestinians, however, cite ongoing Israeli settlement construction in the occupied territories as a main obstacle to the peace process.

Under the internationally agreed roadmap for Middle East peace, Israel is obliged to freeze all settlement construction activity and remove unauthorized outposts built since 2001 from Palestinian territories.

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