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Fort Bragg new system integrates public works programs

Feb 26, 2010

By Eve Meinhardt/Paraglide

FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- April 1 is not going to be a day of fun and jokes at the Directorate of Public Works. After almost two years of preparation, Fort Bragg is switching to the General Fund Enterprise Business System.

GFEBS will replace over 80 systems that DPW currently uses to maintain various programs across Fort Bragg including the real property system, the financial system and the programs used to track work and service orders. The new system will integrate financial, real property, cost management and performance data into one system.

Fort Bragg is in the second wave of installations to implement the system, which will eventually be used across the Department of the Army.

"Implementing the use of GFEBS will impact every thing that DPW does," said Debbie Dawson, management analyst at DPW who is spearheading the effort to make the switch.

"We have a total of 25,000 total man hours of training for the 314 Fort Bragg future GFEBS users. The leadership is very supportive and knows that a successful transition is our number one priority."

One of the benefits of GFEBS is the ability to see program costs at all levels. By maintaining all the data DPW tracks in one system, Army leadership will be able to easily analyze data and make informed decisions without running numerous reports from different programs.

"With GFEBS Army leaders will be able to see the cost of deploying a brigade to Iraq instantaneously," said Emile Gillin, environmental management systems coordinator, DPW.

The system enables the Army to see the cost of programs at all levels and see the connection between budget and performance. To make this easier, GFEBS also interfaces with the Defense Travel System and other programs currently in use across Fort Bragg.

While change is never easy, DPW is working hard to continue to provide quality customer service during the transition.

"The process is a little painful, but we're still trying to provide the best customer service while we learn the new system and make the change seamless for our customers," said Dewana Kennedy, real property accountability officer, DPW.

Dawson said that the new system is going to change the way DPW does business.

"The system holds a lot of promise for us," she said. "It has a robust maintenance module to allow preventive maintenance data to put in. Plus, it has the ability to do more contract operations systems project management and is able to pull real-time reports. There are lots of positives in our future."

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