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Airpower Summary: January 17

Release Number: 210110

1/18/2010 - SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Coalition airpower integrated with ground forces in Iraq and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in the following operations January 17, according to Combined Air and Space Operations Center officials here.

Air Operations in Afghanistan:

Air Force MQ-9A Reaper aircraft provided armed overwatch and surveillance for a friendly-forces ground operation. When an enemy sniper position opened fire on friendly ground forces, coordinates for the enemy position were confirmed and MQ-9A operators fired a missile that destroyed the enemy firing position.

Air force F-15-E aircrews provided armed overwatch, for Coalition forces. The Coalition forces radioed they were taking enemy fire. When the points of origin for the enemy fire were confirmed, crews released precision-guided munitions and destroyed the targets. The enemy fire ceased immediately.

Chahar Bagh
Navy F/A-18E aircrews provided armed overwatch for friendly forces. Ground control tasked the aircrew to conduct a dry strafing run and a show of force over anti-Coalition forces. The show of force was considered successful.

Aircrews flying Navy F/A-18F aircraft provided armed overwatch for friendly forces. The aircrews conducted shows of force over an insurgent area of operation to deter any potential enemy activity. The shows of force were declared successful when no enemy fire was noted.

Musa Qaleh
Air Force F-16C pilots provided armed overwatch and surveillance for friendly forces. Once on station the pilots were tasked with surveillance of several named areas of interest. They conducted a show of force and launched flares to deter any enemy action in the area. The show of force was declared successful and the pilots resumed surveillance of the named areas of interest.

Air Operations in Iraq:

There was no significant action to report today.

Air Power Statistics:

Close Air Support:
Sorties flown to support ISAF & Afghan security forces: 71
Sorties flown to support Operation IRAQI FREEDOM: 20

Surveillance & Reconnaissance:
Sorties flown in Afghanistan: 29
Sorties flown in Iraq: 25
Tactical reconnaissance sorties flown in Afghanistan: 2(NAVY)
Tactical reconnaissance sorties flown in Iraq: 2 (USAF)

On January 16
Medical Evacuation:
Air Force HH-60 aircrews and Pararescue Airmen transported 6 patients

Aerial Refueling:
Sorties flown: 46
Fuel delivered: nearly 2.9 million pounds
Aircraft refueled: 230

Air Mobility:
U.S. Air Force airlift sorties: 168
Short tons of delivered cargo: 674
Passengers: nearly 4,500
Airdropped cargo: nearly 130,000 pounds

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