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Mashal appreciates Iran for supporting Palestinian resistance

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA -- Head of Political Bureau of Palestine Islamic Resistance (Hamas) Khalid Mashal, who is visiting Tehran, said,” We are all threatened by Israel and we should defend ourselves against this enemy.”

Speaking in a press conference here on Tuesday, Mashal appreciated Iran for its support adding that ‘this auspicious support, which is worthy of appreciation, strengthens the resistance in Palestine.”

“All Muslims and Arabs are united against the enemy but each of them is confronting it in its own front,” Mashal said.

“ We are all in danger by the Zionist regime and we should defend ourselves, but the leaders of Iran, leaders of Hezbolah and leaders of resistance have been consulting each other and each is acting according to its abilities.”

Responding to a question on the policies of Palestinian Authority, Mashal criticized those policies and said, “They are very painful and regretful for us. Fruitless negotiations with Israel and being hopeful about empty promises of the US and the West is not a good policy and we regret them.”

A reporter asked if Palestine Resistance could continue without help from Iran or it would have to make a deal with the enemy. Mashal said support from countries does not institute resistance in Palestine but strengthens it.

“Naturally, we are happy to receive help, but we are a free nation and we are not waiting for foreign help to act.”

He referred to the resistance of the Palestinian nation in the past 90 years against the British and then the Israelis.

“Our nation does not wait for other countries’ help.”

He rejected negotiations with Israel and said Palestine can safeguard its rights only through resistance.

“All nations support us but at the top of them are the leader and people of Iran. We appreciate them.”

On Syria, Mashal said that country supports resistance in Palestine and it will never quit its support for a deal on Golan Heights.

“Golan Heights are part of Syria and Damascus does not need to give something in order to get it back.”

Mashal said he is not in Tehran to mediate between Iran and Yemen and expressed hope that no problem arises between Muslim countries.

On a question what Hamas would do if Israel attacks a country in the region, Mashal said, ” The Zionist regime is a danger for all and threatens Lebanon, Syria, Hamas, Hezbolah and Iran."

“We are always ready for resistance and if Israel attacks, we will all resist.”

On the relations between Palestinian groups, Mashal said,” We respect Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), but it does not abide by democracy and free elections, so it is illegal and cannot impose its policies on us.”

“Hamas has proved that is seeking national reconciliation and is against separatism. After the Gaza war, everyone realized that Hamas cannot be destroyed.”

On his trip to Tehran, Mashal said he is visiting Tehran to meet the supreme leader and other officials.

He said he had discussed the most important issues related to Palestine in Tehran.

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