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Saudi Arabia attacks Yemen upon a US-Zionist plan: Houthi official

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 14, IRNA -- Spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Shia Muslims Muhammad Abdussalam said on Monday that the attacks of the Saudi army against the Yemeni people were taking place based on a US-Zionist plan.

Speaking exclusively to IRNA, Abdussalam said the Yemeni Shia Muslims welcomed restoration of security in that country as that would help secure regional stability.

He rejected reports on Iran’s alleged interference in Yemen’s developments noting that Tehran had no links to the ongoing situation in that country.

“The Yemeni regime is to cover its crimes by claiming that Houthi Muslims are receiving aid form other countries, he stressed.

He added that such claims stemmed from political motives.

Commenting on Iran’s position on playing a mediatory role in Yemen’s conflicts, Abdussalam said that the people of Yemen would appreciate and welcome any attempt “by their Iranian brothers or any other country” to bring back peace and stability to Yemen and stop bloodshed in that country.

Abdussalam said that the Saudi army carried out one of its most brutal attacks against Houthi Muslims at noon on Sunday when 75 people were killed and over one hundred were injured while they were shopping in a market place.

“The killing proves that the Saudi regime is, similar to Israel, a blood-thirsty regime committing crimes against thousands of people in northern Yemen thanks to the silence of the international media.”

The spokesman said that some 300 innocent civilians were killed in the bombarding of the Yemeni air force in areas which were upto 200 km far from the main fronts.

Referring to the cooperation of the Saudi and Israeli intelligence services, Abdussalam said that Israel’s intelligence service (Mossad) has transferred satellite information to Yemen with the help of Saudi Arabia.

He added that using smart bombs and forbidden weapons against Houthi Shia Muslims indicated that the Israeli army was helping its Saudi counterpart.

Abdussalam stressed that weapons used in the attacks against Yemeni Muslims were similar to those which have been used during the Zionist regime’s savage attacks on defenseless peoples in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman said there were reports saying that Israel was providing Saudi forces with military information collected from the Zionist regime’s military bases in Ethiopia and the Red Sea.

Abdussalam did not reject the possibility that the Yemeni government has been receiving some help from other countries in its war against Houthi Muslims.

“This is likely that Western states, the US, Israel and a number of Arab countries including Jordan and Egypt were helping the government of Yemen.”

He said that Riyadh engagement in Sanaa’s war against Houthi Muslims has triggered the anger of the Yemeni people.

Noting that Houthi Muslims enjoyed strong spirit of resistance against the Yemeni forces' aggression on Saada region, the spokesman said, “We are ready to counter any aggression and are not afraid of the Saudi army as we rely on God.”

“After five months of conflict, the Saudi and Yemeni armies failed to make any progress and this is because of our capability and resistance as we have the popular support,” Abdussalam said.

Referring to the mounting sufferings of the people in Saada region, the spokesman called on the Islamic and Arab world to act upon their duties against the barbarous crimes committed against the Yemeni civilians.

The number of civilian casualties are more than those who are being killed on the frontlines, Abdussalam said.

He added that fighters bombarded residential areas and mosques in Saada leaving civilians with no shelter in the cold winter weather.

According to Abdussalam, the Yemeni Muslims were facing difficulties with providing food, medicine, clothing and blankets.

He warned that the worsening situation in the conflict area was heading “to become a humanitarian crisis.”

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