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Nov. 1 airpower summary

11/2/2009 - SOUTHWEST ASIA (AFNS) -- Coalition airpower integrated with ground forces in Iraq and International Security Assistance Force troops in Afghanistan during operations Nov. 1 according to Combined Air and Space Operations Center officials here.

Air Operations in Afghanistan:

Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcons flew armed overwatch for friendly forces. Coordinates for an enemy position were confirmed and passed to the aircrew and precision-guided munitions were employed on the target to destroy and eliminate a potential threat.

An Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle provided armed overwatch for friendly forces. When friendly forces reported receiving indiscriminate enemy fire, a request for shows of force to deter the enemy action was made. A search for the point of origin for the enemy fire was made, then identified and confirmed. The shows of force were successful in ending the enemy aggression.

F-15Es provided armed overwatch for friendly forces. When the friendly forces reported receiving enemy small-arms fire, a request for armed interdiction was made. Once the enemy position was confirmed, precision-guided munitions were released and the enemy position was eliminated. Later, a show of force was conducted to continue the deter enemy fire.

F-16 aircraft were overhead for support to a friendly forces dismounted patrol. The patrol came under fire and requested air support. When the enemy location was confirmed, precision-guided munitions were released on the enemy fighting position. This was followed with shows of force to continue deter enemy action.

Chahar Bagh
Navy F-18C Hornets were providing overwatch for a coalition forces foot patrol. The aircraft also provided reconnaissance of the area looking for suspicious activity in and around the patrol route. The aircrews performed a show of force to deter enemy action. The show of force was considered successful.

Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs were providing armed overwatch for a friendly forces patrol. The aircraft were also conducting reconnaissance and surveillance of the area when a request for assistance from friendly forces was received. The friendly patrol was receiving enemy fire so a show of force was conducted to deter the enemy aggression. The show of force ended the engagement.

Ali Kheyl
F-16C Fighting Falcons provided overwatch and reconnaissance for coalition forces. Enemy forces were seen moving from compound to compound as they fired on the coalition troops. A request for air interdiction was made to eliminate the enemy fire. When coordinates for the last known enemy position were confirmed, precision-guided munitions were fired on the target and strafing runs made. They werre deemed successful as no further enemy fire or movement was observed.

Tarin Kowt
An Air Force MQ-9A Reaper was providing overwatch for friendly forces. The aircraft operator observed enemy personnel carrying heavy weapons and requested permission to neutralize the threat potential. When the coordinates were confirmed, precision-guided munitions were deployed on the potential threat, eliminating the threat.

F/A-18Cs were providing armed overwatch for friendly forces. When an enemy heavy machine gun position was confirmed, strafing runs were made and a precision-guided munition was utilized to destroy the enemy fighting position.

Navy F/A-18F Super Hornets were providing overwatch for a coalition forces convoy. When the convoy reported an enemy position had fired on the convoy, a request for a show of force was made. The aircrews performed the show of force and successfully deterred any further enemy action.

Abu Kala
F/A-18Cs were providing overwatch for coalition forces when the ground troops reported receiving enemy fire. A request for air power assistance was received and when the coordinates were confirmed, a precision-guided munition was released on the target destroying the enemy position and ending the enemy aggression.

Air Operations in Iraq:

No significant action to report in the last 24 hours.

Air Power Statistics:

Air Mobility:
U.S. Air Force airlift sorties: 154
Short tons of delivered cargo: 545
Passengers: nearly 3,400
Air-dropped cargo: nearly 55,000 pounds

Close Air Support:
Sorties flown to support ISAF and Afghan security forces: 78
Sorties flown to support Operation Iraqi Freedom: 26

Surveillance and Reconnaissance:
Sorties flown in Afghanistan: 29
Sorties flown in Iraq: 27
Tactical reconnaissance sorties flown in Afghanistan: 2 (USN)
Tactical reconnaissance sorties flown in Iraq: 2 (USAF)

Medical Evacuation:
On Oct. 31, Air Force HH-60 Pave Hawk aircrew and pararescue Airmen transported 16 patients

Aerial Refueling:
Sorties flown: 47
Fuel delivered: 3.1 million pounds
Aircraft refueled: 221

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