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Momsen, Shoup Shine in Seafair

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Story Number: NNS090807-13
Release Date: 8/7/2009 2:51:00 PM

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brad Wages, USS Abraham Lincoln Public Affairs

SEATTLE (NNS) -- Sailors from USS Momsen (DDG 92) and USS Shoup (DDG 86) got to show Seattle-area civilians a little bit about life aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer July 29 to Aug. 2 during Seattle's Seafair Fleet Week.

The ships hosted free tours, taking guests from the flight deck to the navigation bridge, demonstrating how to properly don a firefighting ensemble and the uses of different radars.

For Momsen tour guide Storekeeper 1st Class (SW) Michael Hamm, of Arroyo Grande, Calif., participating in fleet week meant an opportunity to demonstrate the hard work that goes into running a ship for Momsen's Pacific Northwest neighbors.

"It's a great experience, just getting to show the public what we do," Hamm said. "We're all proud of the ship and the work that goes into keeping it operating at a high level. We want people to see what we're out here doing every day.

"The people who come here to fleet week, they see how we work," Hamm said. "It's great. They also see that we're just like everybody else, but our job is just a little different."

Bev Pickton, of Renton, Wash., toured both Momsen and Shoup. Pickton said she was impressed with the professionalism of the crews.

"The crews really know what they're doing. They're enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It's impressive," she said.

Pickton also said her favorite part of the day was getting to tour the bridge.

"That's where I would want to be, on the bridge. That was the best view of all being up there."

Momsen guide, Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) Fireman Apprentice Cassie Dorau, of Bonham, Texas, said she was as excited to be at fleet week as the people who came for the tours.

"It's just a lot of fun. The weather's good, the people are glad to be here, and I get to tell them all about our ship. It's just been a good experience, and the people get to learn where their tax money goes," Doran said.

Hamm said he hopes the people who tour his ship come away with a greater appreciation for the work it takes to run a Navy vessel.

"I hope people see our work, our dedication," Hamm said. "That's really the reason we're out here, so they can see how hard we work."

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