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Total Force Completes USS Buffalo Availability Ahead of Schedule

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Story Number: NNS090807-16
Release Date: 8/7/2009 4:13:00 PM

From Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Public Affairs

PEARL HARBOR (NNS) -- Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNS) completed a dry-dock selected restricted availability (DSRA) on USS Buffalo (SSN 715) July 22, seven days before the chief of naval operations' (CNO) completion date.

The CNO completion date is the date the CNO and the shipyard commander agree to return the ship to the fleet. Ship and fleet operational schedules are based on these dates. Fleet commanders count on the shipyards to return the ship in time for the fleet to meet operational and other ships' maintenance schedules.

"As service providers, our number one 1 priority is to support the warfighter. I'm proud our workforce got Buffalo back to the fight ahead of schedule," said Capt. Gregory R. Thomas, PHNS commander.

PHNS shipyard workers resolved to complete the Buffalo DSRA on or ahead of schedule, safely and in the best material condition possible within cost and schedule constraints. According to PHNS Project Superintendent Jeffrey Long, a key element in the early completion was nonstop execution of the critical path, considered the most important jobs in the work package.

"We just kept it moving," said Long. "We refused to accept delay. We tried to eliminate built-in delays by ordering material in advance, driving tech codes to provide the best technical resolutions and requesting alternate repair methods where possible."

DSRA is the scheduled "minor" maintenance and modernization that is performed on a submarine when it is removed from the water. A DSRA's scope can vary according to the needs of each submarine.

"Everybody worked hard, from the project superintendent to the apprentices, said PHNS Zone Manager Earl Danielson.

"The ship's force played a huge part in how successful we were," added Long. "They were able to keep up with our demands for systems takedown, testing and bringing up systems while doing their own work."

PHNS, a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command, is one of four public shipyards that play a major role in maintaining America's fleet and providing wartime surge capability to keep the nation's ships ready for combat.

PHNS is the largest industrial employer in the state of Hawaii with a combined civilian and military workforce of about 4,700. It has an operating budget of $620 million, of which more than $390 million is payroll for civilian employees. The shipyard, strategically located in the Pacific Ocean, is a full-service naval shipyard and regional maintenance center for the U.S. Navy's surface ships and submarines.

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